Houston is a large and vast city, and just as we were thinking that we had everything you could wish for, we hear the announcement of El Gato Cat Cafe set to open early 2017 ! That simply goes to show that there will always be something new coming to town and this will be an exciting addition to an already awesome city. The Founder and master mind of El Gato Cat Cafe is Renee Reed and she plans on having between fifteen and twenty cats lounging around while you sip on your coffee. 

We attended the pop up party at Sharespace, where we experienced the El Gato concept for the first time. And I have to say, even if you are a dog person, you will love the concept and ambience. After all, who doesn't love coffee right!? I brought my daughter along and she had fun with the kittens and even dared to take away their toys! The experience was very family friendly and we had a great time cuddling with the kittens, which by the way, are adoptable in partnership with the Houston Humane Society. This is a great place to look forward to and you can also support their Kickstarter by going here  -->  http://bit.ly/goelgato 

Here are a few pics from the El Gato's pop up party!

El Gato Cat Cafe Pop up party
Just hanging with the family and kittens

El Gato Cat Cafe
Petting one of the cute and adoptable kittens

El Gato Cat Cafe Pop up party
The line for the El Gato pop up party

El Gato Coffee House
A few seconds after this shot he was chasing toys

El Gato Cat Cafe pop up party
Someone is going to want a cat soon 

El Gato Cat Cafe pop up party
There will be 15 to 20 cats that will be available for adoption

El Gato Cat Cafe Pop up party
Adorable kitten at El Gato Coffee House's Pop up party