For those that have not noticed yet, we are all for spontaneous adventures and exploring the world around us! The best part about adventures is having friends that love doing the same! Just recently, we went to a local off-road park in Crosby,TX : Xtreme Off-Road Park and Beach. Anything that is within an hour drive from home is local to me. Houston is such a huge and vast city that it takes just about an hour to cross. This adventure was fun and we were able to remember old times together with some of our long time friends. We used to go to Crosby often to ride one of our friends', Ernie, ATV (four wheeler) and we were hooked ever since! So this is what our adventure brought us!

We were together the night prior to heading out, you know, eating out ( we went to Jinya, but of course you already knew that because you saw it on Snapchat and Instagram, right? ) and making a stop at Discovery Green to play that game everyone is Making last minute plans is nothing new to us and to be honest, they have been some of the best adventures and expereinces thus far. We were set to drive out around 9AM but delays are nothing new to us either. We had time to go get some breakfast while the rest got ready and the ATV got loaded on to the trailer. We finally started making way about an hour later. We rode in my brother's Jeep, with his girlfriend and my sister, while the rest went in the other truck. The trip was smooth and quick ( give our take 35~40 mins. ) The sun was out, the breeze was blowing, and you could hear all the other off road vehicles all around you; we were in Crosby.
From Left to Right: My sister Debbie, Camila, and Ashley

Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach
Crosby,TX : Xtreme Off Road Park and Beach

Camila enjoyed the ride and was just about ready to play in the sand and get in the water but first we needed to put on some sun screen lotion, and plenty of it! We managed to get a nice spot by one of the little huts/cabanas by the shore and quickly set up our canopy and our chairs. It was good to be back in the sand and enjoy the sun. The beach was calling us so we didn't sit around for too long. Our friends hadn't really seen Camila a lot since she was born and they took the opportunity to snap some pictures! She's adorable and I can't blame them. 

The ATV was waiting for us to ride it so my friend Luigi and I took the first ride and and I just had to Snap it so there I was, riding an ATV, recording on snapchat and holding on to my dear life with one hand lol. Some of you may have seen it on Snapchat! It was quite the experience. Getting out and getting dirty is nothing new to me, It just adds to the experience IMO. We made it back to camp and Camila said it was time to snack so she found herself comfortable on my neck and just hanged out.  Camila was just about ready for a nap so I took this time to snap some pictures of us on the four wheeler.

Crosby Xtreme off road
Camila just hanging around and snacking

Crosby Xtreme off road
Camila wasn't sure if to run or just wait until I got off with her haha

Peep that Texas hat!!

The trails at the park feel like they go on forever and they offer endless opportunities to get in the mud and get dirty. We had to take breaks and get in the water to cool down from the beaming sun. Before we knew it, the sun was starting to set and it was time to start packing up. This experience was another one for the books and I can guarantee, it wont be the last! So don't be afraid of being spontaneous and living in the moment from time to time, you never know what experiences are out there for you to live!

After a day of riding in the mud and having fun in the sun, it was time to catch a breath and hang out under the cabana

Crosby was fun and thrilling, will be back soon!

Here's a little from what you may have missed on my Snapchat!! 
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What is one of your most memorable spontaneous adventures!?