It's not every day that you have the entire Cadillac line-up at your disposal, so it's a no brainer that we went and drove all of them! In case you missed out on my Snapchat and Periscope, here is a recap and some pictures of this fun and exhilarating event. There were many technological advancements we got to experience first hand and learn about. There were multiple safety features, enhanced night vision, parallel park assist, magnetic ride suspension, and of course performance upgrades! 

Cadillac offers luxury, safety, and performance all in one unique and iconic package. We had the opportunity to drive the new Escalade EXT and I was surprised at how manageable and lightweight it felt even for a vehicle of that size! The XT5 was very unique,especially the new chassis refinement as well as a few other touches including the drivetrain. As a guy that loves cars and performance, my favorite part of the #daringdrives event was accelerating the ATS-V coupe and sedan from 0-60 mph! I even got lucky one one of the runs and hit 71mph within the short distance we had. this was quite a thrill! The slalom part was fun too, we drove the ATS 2.0T and the CTS and compared the driving feel and suspension drive! Both were very impressive and the steering response and feel were quite precise!

Here are some clips I shared on my Twitter and Periscope from the event so you can enjoy and see what Cadillac has to offer! If you don't follow me on Twitter, make sure to follow so you won't miss out on other events like this one and be one of the first to see!

The Safety Features Show The Technological Advancement

For Those that fear parallel parking; this one is for you! 

Enhanced Night Vision with the Cadillac CT6

Check out the exhilarating rush when accelerating the ATS-V ! 

Check out some of the pictures from the Cadillac #daringdrives event!

Just after driving the quick ATS-V sedan with the carbon package

What are your thoughts and opinions? My favorite was the black ATS-V with the carbon package. What's your favorite car or brand?