Hello Everyone! The LATISM 16' conference was full of great vibes but more so, passionate, knowledgeable, and influencers with impact! Not every single person there was necessarily a blogger or digital influencer, but everyone was capable of impacting our communities through their voice, product, service or business. I went to LATISM for the first time as a top digital influencer, but I really did not expect what I was going to experience there. If you aren't sure, LATISM stands for: Latinos In Tech Innovation and Social Media. One of the last but greatest things was seeing kids displaying their projects, experiments and inventions at the STEAM fair: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

I am still running on those positive vibes I got from LATISM. There was a sense of unity and power in sharing and receiving the knowledge of other people. The people were so kind and open to learning what you had to share, the stress of the importance of voting as a latino community, and overall, realizing the power we have to impact and change our communities. You could find people from just about every industry and organization, there was someone there to connect with you or connect you to the right people. There were representatives from Google, Chase, Johnson + Johnson, Toyota, and more that were there for you to connect with.

Jorge Bernal and I at LATISM 16'

The conference inspired me in such a way that I decided to begin a new journey where I can connect with my spanish speaking audiences. It's important to have a place where our community can come together and share their thoughts and information. This is a conference that is held every year with next year's being held in Washington D.C. I can say, that I came back home a different person with a new vision and stronger ambitions. There is so much we can do in our world and by using social media we can amplify our voice of change. We have all ran into a person that is always complaining about the world but they have never made an effort to bring about change. So this is what I have set myself to do and will keep striving to bring change to our communities and support the dads of our future generations.

I also had the privilege to speak about "The Role of Fathers In Our Latino Communities" alongside friend Jorge Narvaez from Reality Changers. The audience was so engaging and so attentive to what we both had to say and we opened our discussion to thoughts and opinions  about the subjects we were talking about. It was such an honor being able to speak as an advocate of fatherhood and representing all the dads out there that don't get credited for being good and responsible dads to their children.

Latino dads speaking at LATISM 2016 panel
Jorge Narvaez from "Reality Changers"  and I before our panel

I can go on and on about how this conference has enlightened me, but the best way is to experience something first hand. I invite you, whether you have a brand, business, or not, to come out to the next LATISM conference and get in touch with professionals and influencers that are impacting our communities in so many different ways! I'm looking forward to the next conference and sharing with you all how I have brought change to those around me and through social media.

You can learn more about LATISM here!

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On my way to one of the morning breakfasts at Coronado Springs Resort in Dinsey World, Orlando

breakfast of champions
At one of the breakfasts and presenting my speaker badge for the first time

Latino digital influencers
Reality Changers and I right before leaving back home

I had seen Tony Melendez perform before but never had the chance to see him perform twice up close! 

What are some ways you could impact your community?