This is not a political post, but more so a reflection of the values and reactions of the American people. For some, this is a win, and others, a loss. There are many different things and resons behind each person's vote and I respect that. Everyone has a right to do as they'd like but then we run into the situation that we see today. People aren't so much in disbelief that Trump won the presidency, it's the reason why he won that has the country in shock. Racism, discrimination and hatred is still very, very much alive to this day.

There are so many different things that we stand for, but division, hate, and racism, are not values we can live by. We are supposed to move forward together and build our communities. Just for clarification, this is not an anti-Trump post. People across all communities are scared, not because of the new president elect, but more so, the people who back the candidate for the wrong reasons. This is a hard time for minorities. Many people have already been targeted, hurt, even killed on the first full day of the new presidency. So what are the minority communities supposed to do? Be Afraid? Angry? Cry? No.

This is the time where we all; races, communities,faiths, must come together and stand strong against the face of adversity. Racism and division have been defeated before and it's not any different now! I know many have taken a day or two to mourn, but with all respect, we don't have time for that. The racism and hate didn't wait, so why should we? It is, in a way, a war. The people commiting these things have been empowered by the same division, hate and racism our country saw decades ago, so why can't we empower ourselves and our communities with example, kindness and love? We are stronger together. This country has allowed each and every one of us to pursue our dreams, practice our beliefs and religion, freedom of speech, pursue happiness, but we let something so low bring us down. We are more than that, we are all human beings that live in the same world an breath the same air. We are the example to our future generations and that is what we must be. Our strenght begins with ourselves and our familes and that's where we must be strong, positive, and supportive.

These are indeed hard and difficult times, but the strenght of good, and unity will always overcome.
Don't let anyone make you feel inferior. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you are capable of. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't dream too big.  Don't let the hate fill your heart. Do let the good values and morals shine through. Respect, Truth, Dignity, stand up for what's right. It is during the hard and difficult times that we really find out what we're made of. Hatred, racism, and division have no place in the United States of America or this World.

setting an example to our children
We are the example

Stay safe!