I can finally say that Fall is here. The temperatures have barely dipped under 60 degrees, but for some Texans, this is what we call chilly. Yeah, you may have laughed at that, especially if you live further north, but we really don't have a winter until January comes around. I can still recall some Christmas and New Years's where I only wore a t-shirt. Shocking, I know. So when the cool temps come around, we are more than glad to bring out our jackets and light layers. But we don't usually think of wearing red shoes, right?

The thought of getting a pair of sneakers with a pop of color had crossed my mind many times but I never came about to purchasing a pair. It all changed when my sister gifted me with a pair of all red Puma Suede sneakers. These were pretty cool, and I was eager to try them on. I thought of the current men's fall fashion trends and I put an outfit together. Bomber jackets are one of the biggest trends for men's fall fashion and thought this would go well with the new sneakers. I don't always follow fashion rules and didn't want to go with a monochromatic outfit, so I put together something a little different. Red shoes add a pop of color but aren't overwhelming or too flashy. Pair them with black jeans and an olive or black bomber jacket. To bring out the red even more, you can wear light jeans and a white or neutral shirt/pullover. Check out more colors and styles online here or at Puma.com !

You can also check out the style video I made with these same sneakers here. I'll be wearing these sneakers more often than I thought I would so be sure to check out my Instagram too!

men's olive bomber jacket for fall
Casually walking and admiring the scenery

Men's fall fashion trends
There's no King without a Queen 
men's fall fashion trends, bomber jacket
Puma Suede "All Red" 

How would you wear red shoes?