Ok gentlemen, we're cutting it close, there are only 16 days until Christmas🎄 and if you're anything like my husband then you leave everything to the very last minute!  So take a moment, when you read the title a certain person popped in your head, right? Think about the types of colors she wears regularly. Does she always look put together, wear a black t-shirt, love to work out, or always wears a bold color lipstick? I might have some ideas for your then!👼 **This Post Contains Affiliate Links**


If you're significant other is a Mom or just a woman on-the-go then she'll definitely appreciate these chic & comfy sneakers that pair well with an outfit! If you know sneakers aren't her thing then take a peek at her closet and you can kind of gage what shoes she's into. Snap a pic and take it to the nearest department store and grab a sales associate to see if they can help you pick something out! 

Find it here: Adidas Originals - Superstar Metallic-trimmed Leather Sneakers - White • Adidas • $48


This Tarte pallet is a pretty easy way to show your girl that you care & pay attention! This pallet is filled with super easy and warm shades that any woman will enjoy, I promise. Well as long as she doesn't already have it! (haha)

Find it here: Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette • Tarte • $45



If you guys have kids chances are that your wife lugs around a diaper bag or something that resembles one, so if buying a whole purse for her is out of the question I would opt for a wallet. They're super easy to choose and you can find them pretty much everywhere. If you've waited too long and ordering online is out of the question head out to your nearest Target! Chances are you know exactly where the accesory department is because your wife has dragged you there more than once! 

Find it here: Rebecca Minkoff Leather Logo Wallet • Rebecca Minkoff • $75


Ok so if you get her anything from Kendra Scott you might win Husband of the year award, just saying! You can totally thank me later guys, literally everything from that store is amazing and there is sure to be something  in your budget! 

Find it here: Kendra Scott Tricia Earrings • Kendra Scott • $75


Perfume might be a little trickier because it's hard to pick an all new scent for women. If you know she's an avid perfume wearer chances are she's running low, so snap a pick and head to your nearest department store. I swear guys those sales associates are trained in their departments. They will either find you that exact perfume or recommend something similar! Just remember to ask for a gift reciept! 

Find it here: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Purse Spray • Marc Jacobs • $54

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