It's no surprise that life always has a curve ball for us somewhere down our life path. It's not like we plan for emergencies anyway, so we are always ready for whatever comes our way. I may say this because it wasn't our first trip to the emergency room and the previous time was for much worse reasons. As a parent, we have to be on our toes at all times, know how to handle different situations and having a CPR certification is never a bad idea. Over time we learn to understand our children so well that we know immediately when something is wrong. Symptoms are different, some we can't see and some are clearly visible.

On this episode of the Vlog, We take Camila to the emergency room because of a bug bite which we never saw! She behaved completely normal but her eye started to swell slightly. As I mention on the video, it seemed as if she had bumped herself on a table and nothing more than that. The next morning however, the swelling was quite alarming and as we rushed to make some phone calls, were quickly prompted to go to the emergency room. This is how the day went...

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Have you made any trips to the emergency room for your kids?