Going on spontaneous trips are fun and you usually never know what you will end up doing. So when I was asked by my mom to be their driver, I agreed and then asked where to. Haha, yeah, that happens quite often to me. We have always been eager to go to new places and are quick to say yes; One, because it brings new adventures and memories, and Two, because we are both young parents and want to go to as many places with Camila as possible. Unfortunately, we weren't able to accommodate them in the vehicle we were going to be traveling in, so I was going alone. Our destination was Memphis, Tennessee, about nine and a half hours from Houston. 

Once there I had planned to go explore the city, visit some museums and make it out to Graceland, the place that was once the mansion to Elvis Presley. The plans changed and that didn't end up happening and turned out pretty good and got to leave Memphis with new goals and a positive outlook on life. You can see it all for yourself on the vlog! 

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Places?