Being a parent has many different responsibilities, but we must not forget that we are also a husband to our wife and they need us to be a parent at all times. Sometimes we are used to delegating certain responsibilities to each other when it comes to parenting, but in reality, as a parent, we have all of the responsibilities together. So next time your wife asks you to help with something, it may be good to remember that being a parent is a full time thing and not something that we chose to do only when we want to. Here are 5 things that as a dad, you can do to make moms life easier.

1. Listen!

Naturally, as a man, we don't like to listen to others, but you'd be surprised at how much you can learn and understand by simply listening to your wife. This can take some time to get better at and really depends on the personalities of each other. You'll learn things about the way she thinks, her concerns, favorite things, and sometimes even point out things she would like to do with the kids or as a couple. This could be a big factor in building a stronger relationship. This can also help with the next point coming up.

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2. Act Before Being Told

This is something that I personally struggled with for the longest. Even back when I was living with my parents I was asked to do things and I decide to do them only when I wanted to. This obviously got me into trouble, and it's no different with your wife. She would stop repeating herself if you would just simply knock out the task as soon as possible. As soon as possible does not mean as soon as you want to. Doesn't matter what you're doing at the time, family responsibilities should be one of your top priorities. Over time, you learn to see things and even take care of them before you're told or reminded about.


3. Dont' Be Afraid To Cook Every Once In A While

Cooking for your wife can be a very nice thing to do. In most households, the women usually make most of the meals, so it is nice for the husband to cook something in the kitchen, especially when they least expect it. We are so quick to make excuses to avoid doing things and end up missing out on special moments. You don't necessarily have to cook just for your wife, but you can get the kids together and make pancakes in the morning, a mid-day snack, or freshly squeezed lemonade. If you think of these things as being a job, you will miss the fun in doing these things.Have fun and enjoy with your kids, and if for whatever reason your partner didn't like the gesture of you cooking, then they can never say you didn't try.


4. Pack The Diaper Bag/ Kids Backpacks

If you're always complaining about never leaving the house on time or fast enough, have you thought about helping out with the diaper bag or the kids backpacks? These are the little things that make the difference and in turn save you all some time. Once we started doing that in our household, we saved ourselves anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes of packing and getting ready. In some cases, we as men, get ourselves ready and then dare to say " I'll be in the car" while mom is trying to get the diaper bag and the kids ready. To take it even further, We even dare say " Why did you take so long" all the while the dad just sat in the car waiting. This could all turn out differently if you would only get some diaper, wipes, bottles, toys, and a few other things you need to be out and about with the kids. Mom will be done getting ready faster and have enough time to do their make up. Be involved.


5. Stop Being Afraid Of Changing Diapers In Men's Restroom Changing Stations

This took me the longest to get used to, but early on, I started to see how much my wife would miss out on every time she went into the restrooms to change diapers. Changing diapers isn't the easiest with squirmy kids, but the sooner and the faster we do it, the easier it will be. Not everyone is comfortable doing things in public, mostly in fear of what other people may think of them but then again, who's more important to you? The kids have needs and you are there to help them and be super dad. Stop relying on mom to do everything you don't want to do, and do what you have to do.  After all, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Also, who doesn't like looking at that cute smiling koala bear!


These are the 5 things all dads can do to make your wife's life easier, but also your very own! Being a dad isn't about being perfect or trying to be like another dad your wife thought was doing a good job with their own kids, be you and have fun. You will learn many things along the journey of fatherhood and you're going to want to enjoy every moment possible! Feel free to share with the parents you know and leave a comment down below if this helped you out! 

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Ladies, what do you think about these 5 things? Guys, what are some things that you feel could also help your wives?