Over the past year, Houston has seen some amazing events! The city has so many things to do, see, and eat. We are hosting Superbowl LI (51), hosted Copa America, had some amazing artists bring their tours to the city, but on a local level, we also had some amazing event productions like Kaleidoscope Houston, and the most recent, Houstonary 2017. The first day was "UNDEFEATED" , a tribute to the perseverance and strong mentality athletes need in order to remain undefeated. The secons night was " COLLIDE", an ode to music icons of the past, present, and future.

This was the 2nd annual event held by Kaleidoscope Houston, an art community featuring artists, fashion, music, and film. The talents showcased are local and have a avast variety of talents and skills. You can see up and coming, rappers, lyricists, poets, designers, film producers, live art, and so much more. My wife and I have enjoyed going to the Kaleidoscope events and are honored to be a part of the Kaleidoscope Team. As a parent, we often forget to enjoy ourselves and go have fun every once in a while. Most people have the misconception that life escapes you once you have kids, but we are to say, that is false. So go out and enjoy yourselves and enjoy life, and if you're in Houston, there is no excuse to not go out.

Check out the Vlog from the 2 day Houstonary 2017 art, fashion, music, and film showcase!

What kind of events do you like to attend?