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I love to travel, but it's always better to travel together as a family. We share our best moments when exploring new things and places. We love it, and that's why we do it. One of the most frequently visited places has been the city of San Antonio and just when we thought we had explored it all, we found ourselves doing new things! The city of San Antonio is either known as Alamo City or Military City due to the various bases around. More than likely you have heard of the Alamo or the RiverWalk. And even though those are the places where all the tourists go, there are many other places that you can go visit that you and many other people don't know about. So here is another adventure from our family to yours, so read on and see why you should Visit San Antonio

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We've visited the city multiple times, especially since my wife is from San Antonio and has family there. I have always been fascinated by Texas history, so the Alamo always drew my attention but there are a lot of other historic places around the city. If you thought the RiverWalk and the Alamo were the only things to do in SA, you are so wrong. You aren't alone though. I used to think that myself lol. I'm a dad now ( in case you didn't get the hint by the name of the blog) and want to do things that we can all enjoy as a family. We looked through the Visit San Antonio Passport given to us and planned our first stop of the weekend at the Witte Museum. Mila loves dinosaurs so it was a wonderful feeling being able to show her the dinosaurs in the Naylor Family Gallery. This is a must see place, especially if you have kids. The Doseum is right down the street and you can spend the entire day doing things together, indoors!

A couple of blocks away, you can find the Japanese Tea Gardens. This place had been on my list for a long time and even though I had made a1 stop before, I had never gone together with my wife. So this was a special moment for us. There are a lot of stairs so I would suggest taking a baby carrier instead of a stroller. Right down the block is the San Antonio Zoo. One of my favorite zoo's! We had been there a couple of times so we decided to go do something new. But if you are in San Antonio, definitely make a stop by the zoo!

We like to share experiences with our family, so we decided to take my wife's grandma to the observation deck in the Tower of the Americas. In the 45 years she has been living in SA, she had never been there so we wanted to make it special for her. We had gone once, but this is a place I could never get tired of visiting. The views are amazing up there! I recommend going mid afternoons or on weekdays.The RiverWalk is just about a block and a half away from the tower so we made our way down there. We didn't go for the Riverwalk but for the river boat tours. We had never done that even though we had been to the river countless of times, if not, everytime we had been to the city. The boat tour was very informative and a great way to see San Antonio from the river.

After the boat tour, we headed home thinking we were done for the day. But we remembered that the boat tour guide mentioned some insider tips on what was happening around the city. The San Fernando Cathedral as going to have a laser light show in the evening. From what we were told, they have these 25 min. shows every Friday, one at 9:00pm, another at 9:30pm, and the last one at 10:00pm. We didn't plan on this ahead of time so we barely amde it to the start of the 10:00 show! This is a must see! If you're staying in downtown SA, you can have dinner on the Riverwalk and then walk a few short blocks to the Main Plaza. You can check out this awesome laser light show on the vlog!

There's a lot  more to do in San Antonio, and here are a few other honorary mentions so you can enjoy the city as much as we have! Go check out Mission San Jose at the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park! The Alamo isn't the only mission in SA! In fact, Mission San Jose may very well be the nicest one to go visit. Check out the other Missions around the area like Mission Espada, and Mission Espada, Mission Capistrano, and Mission Concepcion. If you love to hike or hang out at the park, make your way over to Brackenridge Park! A 345 acre park just north of Downtown and a short walk to the Museums, Zoo, and Japanese Tea Garden. If you seek some thrills, go check out Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Need to let go of some stress by shopping? The Rivercenter Mall has got you covered right on the edge of the San Antonio River. Too crowded for you?! Check out the shops over at La Cantera just NorthWest of the city for a more upscale shopping experience. If the heat is a factor you must avoid, simply head over to the North Star Mall for a more comfortable shopping experience!

San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States, so there are a lot more things to do than you would think. We go there about twice a month and we always find new things to do, even when we think we have covered it all. So make your way down to SA and let me know what your favorite places are and what I've missed!