I've been flying under the radar in terms of politics and what has been going on since the presidential election. Now is a time where I feel conveyed to speak up and share what has been troubling me as I see my daughter grow up. As we travel and explore new places, traditions, and cultures, we as a family have learned to be aware and appreciate different cultures. How will I be able to explain to her what is going on in our world where a certain race, ethnicity, culture is regarded as inferior or "alien"?  As a second generation Guatemalan-American, I want to share what I feel, my fears and find some peace in knowing my daughter will be able to see the world in a positive way. Some of you may be able to relate or sympathize with the reality of our times but there is something about the way people view others that in a way make me think that society has reached its peak and is descending into uncertainty.

As a Latino, or multi-cultural dad, will I suppress the reality of our times or try to explain something I can't even begin to comprehend? I haven't figured it out and this is all part of fatherhood. There come times in our lives when we have to explain things to our kids that they can't quite understand, and that's what's frustrating. Camila is 2 years old now and thankfully we haven't faced any outrageous racism, rejection, or altercations where she can see what people can be like... in the United States. We may have faced subtle racism but it wasn't anything that we couldn't handle. Thankfully we live in Houston, the most diverse city in the USA. I grew up in the SouthWest region and Alief, also known as the international district because it is the most culturally diverse area in Houston. I know growing up we lived in fear and I can't imagine what other families are going through in other parts of the country. 

We love meeting people and learning about their culture, history. Being open to learning about the people of this world and traveling to places has brought so many beautiful experiences. We won't show our daughter to stop living life or live in fear because of what's going on in the world right now. We don't want to have to keep our kids in a bubble to protect them from hatred and racism because it's a harsh reality that us people of color face. I would like to know from you how you would explain this to your kids? It's a topic that I honestly think that we shouldn't have to have in 2017 but it's one that must be had.

I would like to hear from you. Share any advice, thoughts, or comments on this and guide me in a direction!