Welcome back to the vlog! We've been starting to get busy again and with Mila's cast coming off in about a week, we aren't going to be slowing down. Mila hasn't let the cast slow her down and we have enjoyed taking her out and do some of the things we used to do. We also went out for dinner for the first time! 

On this vlog, we meet with a friend and then go out for lunch. We've had the 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE to drive around so it's been a fun last couple of days. Traffic doesn't seem too bad for us and Mila doesn't even notice it when she has her movies playing in the back tv screen! This past weekend we celebrated a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese and I came to learn some interesting things!

This was the first time I see the stage without the whole band ( Not that I got that often though)  and only had Chuck E behind a DJ booth. My first thought was that they were just trying to modernize the brand but there was more to this story. I arrived a bit late due to some traffic and my sisters-in-law shared the story about the band breaking up. The band left Chuck E all alone and so he felt the need to keep playing music and be there for the kids so he stayed behind and acts as a one man band now. That's the story going around to the kids and I think it's funny and cool. May be a secret or just exclusive to the one I went to haha. Either way, it was a fun time and you can watch what happened the rest of the day on the vlog below!

Do you have any interesting stories about a place?