Latino Dad Summit 2017 - Credit 
A few months back, a conversation arose amongst a table full of passionate dads who shared about fatherhood on social media. The idea to create an event for latino and multi cultural dads was first introduced by the now founder of Latino Dad, Michelle Olvera. We all came to the same conclusion that there was a need for a latino dad event, summit, or conference where we can all come together and share our voice, parenting, culture, technology, education, and resources for parents. Soon after, the Latino Dad Summit was created and there I was, hanging out with dads at the first inaugural Latino Dad Summit.
The idea of dads coming together to learn, share, and listen to others is awesome! It felt special and there was so much shared here, from personal experiences, to resources for dads. This was not just another event, but the first of its kind. There were all kinds of dads here too, everyone had a different story to tell and not all of us are on social media. Many of the speakers were influencers or youtubers, but there were also proud dads, young minds paving the way with STEM programs, and those that stand for a stronger voice in fatherhood.
I had the pleasure to reunite with some friends of mind and also meet with some dads for the first time. I had the chance to speak on the again with Jorge Narvaez from Reality Changers, see Manny from The Way I Dad, and many other dads like my friend Chef Ronaldo, Roberto from An Interdisciplinary Life , Juan Pablo from Two Pablos And Twins, and new friend of mine Joel from Just Obviously Enjoying Life. This event is just the beginning of this discussion and the start of something great for us dads that have been looking for a place to share, connect and learn with those that we can relate to.
There were some awesome brands, some of which you will see a lot more of in the coming weeks. Some of the brands there were local, others new start-ups, and some that have been around long enough that your grandma knows who they are haha. These are brands like Jarritos, Goya, Dove Men + Care, Carlos Shoe by Carlos Santana, Calchonies, Subway, and many more! The environment was fun and open to all kinds of discussions. I'm looking forward to the next one adn invite you to be a part of Latino Dad Summit 2018 ! I'll announce that once I get news of the event date! For now, enjoy the vlog from my hectic but awesome day at the airport and Latino Dad 2017 !
What are some topics that are important in parenting that need to be discussed more??

LAX was really but great to look at

Smarty Pants Vitamins were there too!