This week has brought up many questions and weird, or otherwise abnormal, weather patterns. The City of Houston, after being hit with record level rainfall, is still recovering from the damage and some streets are still flooded. The real question going around, now that the public has some basic knowledge of weather manipulation technology, also, is if both Harvey and Irma have been created by HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

The world is getting warm but I believe that the it hasn't gotten that hot to the point were these super storms are doing things not seen ever before. Things like growing from a normal tropical depression to a full flown category 4 hurricane in a matter of 3-4 days. We don't have the answers and I am no meteorologist, not that I think they would have answer either.

I hadn't really thought about this but it may very well be true. The U.S. has 3 HAARP installations, 2 in Alaska and 1 in Puerto Rico. There are other countries with this technology as well. If that is the case, would this be considered an attack on the U.S. people??

What are your thoughts on this?

I briefly talk about this on the vlog below ( later in the video )