It's most peoples' daily pick-me-up. Part of the morning routine and seems like it's a religious item to have in a household. Can;t complain though because now, I'm addicted to coffee.

Just a few weeks ago, drinking coffee was a rarity for me. I would only drink milk and the times I drank coffee in a  year could be counted with one single hand. True story. Little did I know that I would soon need this magical "cup of Joe" in my mornings. My parents wouldn't believe me if I told them but they do laugh a bit every time I do get coffee around them. 

Now it's time to go and look for a nice coffee mug to drink out of and show you all! The reason I stayed away from coffee for so long was the idea that it would deteriorate my bones. not quite sure how true this is since there are many conflicting studies out there. Whatever the case may be now, coffee is here to stay, so let me know what your favorite coffee is down in the comment section below!

Also! There is a cool video coming out soon! We shot a car seat challenge at Don McGill Toyota Houston and the kids were on their best behavior and couldn't have done it without them! Take a look at behind the scenes from the vlog below!

Tell me your favorite coffee down below!! Go!!