The holidays are just around the corner, and as we come off the summer into the fall weather, chances are that it's nice enough outside to take a roadtrip. The first one you've taken since summer vacation or ti may be your first time! Trips are highly rewarding in new experiences, family time and exploration. For those of us that are parents and have to, or have in the past, installed a car seat in a car, you know it can be frustrating even when experience has been acquired. We channeled our frustrations and decided to make this into a challenge over at Don McGill Toyota Houston

We picked three cars that were going to be part of this challenge, the 2018 Camry SE, a 2017 Sienna XLE, and a 2018 Highlander Hybrid. I had already driven the new Camry and Highlander before so I thought they would have the advantage and I was looking forward to start this challenge in the center of the Don McGill showroom! Ashley and I set up the cameras with suction mounts, and tripod and started rolling as discreetly as possible as to not interrupt the customers around. That was almost a challenge in itself haha. 

I learned a few things while doing this challenge, and that is that not everything done fast comes out right all the time and I want to take this moment to remind all parents and care givers to install the car seat in properly and safely. I did get some pretty quick times and that is mainly due to two things, the ease of access in these vehicles and my experience as a dad that is always on the go with his daughter. Early on I mentioned that installing a car seat was frustrating and took some time in the beginning, and to be honest, I even got some scratches and hurt myself once when learning haha. 

Getting ready for a trip such as packing for the trip as well as packing the car can be a hassle but as seen in the video below, anyone can easily put car seats inside and drive off to their destinations in comfort and safety. 

Toyota is doing a great job in sticking to their promise of creating a fun and better driving experience, just look at the new 2018 Camry SE and XSE! You can see the one we drove the first time here: 2018 Camry SE

Big thanks to Don McGill Toyota for allowing us to go over and shoot this video!

As a parent, what is the furthest road trip you've done or are willing to drive to??