This post is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Licefreee and #WeAllGrow Latina network.

Last week I had the opportunity to learn from some truly amazing members of the amazing bloggers from Latino parenting community, and even had the chance to be a panelist on Building Your Parenting Community! A lot of the stories reminded me of times I spent with my parents growing up and reflecting on the good and even embarrassing memories I carry with me from my childhood. One memory I have in particular always sticks out to me especially now as a parent myself, because at the time I thought it was the most embarrassing things ever but every parent goes through it with their kids at one point or another. I partnered up with LiceFreee to bring forward a better solution that not many people don’t know how to go about solving that is safe, non-toxic, homeopathic, and dare I say even smells nice.

One day when I was in 3rd grade I started to feel uncomfortable in class and couldn’t stop scratching my head. I immediately thought I was probably just sweaty or hot but that wasn’t the case. I went on to ignore it for a couple of days until I started to feel like there was something moving on my head. At that time I was young and lice weren't the first thing that came to mind because everyone told me it was just something girls with long hair get. I somehow ended up putting my embarrassment aside and asked my mom to check my head. As I sat there after my mom went to the store to buy some chemicals and comb to go through my hair all I could think about was how could this happen to me. I couldn’t shake the embarrassment. My mom put one of the most awful smelling things in my hair, so strong I remember it burning my eyes! As an adult, I feel like I can safely say that they weren’t chemicals you should b putting on your body, let alone a child’s body. At the time I sat through all of the pain and watched my moms patience run thin as she tried for days and different remedies for the little creepy crawlies currently residing in my head to die.

Then next time I got Lice again when I was 15 years old I dreaded going through the process of the chemicals and the combing so we decided I would just shave all my hair off. Thinking about it now I would never do that to my daughter, shaving her hair off or making her sit through hours with chemicals that burn your eyes. Thankfully as science has progressed we finally have a non -toxic option that kills Lice and is even safe for children 6 months and older. After learning about how LiceFreee works, meeting the brand representatives at #WeAllGrowFAMILIA 2017, and getting my hand on the product and smelling it for myself I was a believer. I feel better prepared to take care of Camila if the situation ever arises, instantly and a harmless manner.

Do you remember when you got lice when you were younger?