This is a sponsored post and made possible in collaboration with JCPenney. These are my own opinions, and reflections on my own experience. #JCPchallenge #JacquesPenne

The holidays season is here! I would have said finally, but this year has gone by so fast and filled with heartfelt experiences. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way, not even the holiday shopping, which is usually the most strenuous part of the holidays. I took the #JCPchallenge and knocked out all my shopping in one place! So this gifting season, take the holiday challenge at JCPenney and beat your holiday budget. Get all you want for less than you think - from hot trending items and holiday must-haves to unexpected finds - all available in-store or online at a great value.

Most people have a budget when they go shopping for holiday gifts trying to knock out everyone on their list. I look for items that have everyday value, contemporary or on-trend items, and effortless utility which make it all so worth it. The earlier the better, but there are always other like me that leave holiday shopping until the end. Because I can knock out all my gifts in one place, I  feel at ease going to JCPenney on any given day during the holidays, even if it's last minute!

Holiday gifts

I had a $500 budget for holiday shopping and because of the great value and finds I was able to keep it right under $300 !!! That's awesome if you ask me! All in one place or online. Here are three items that should be on your list, if not, you still have time before the unwrapping frenzy begins!

Knitted Christmas Sweater
These are a wintertime staple and every man, woman, and child should have one of these, they're timeless!. This is something that not everyone has but can be used year after year and best of all you can find one like this at your nearby JCPenney for less than you'll believe!

 Leather Gloves

Just like the sweater above, not everyone has a pair of much-needed leather gloves. Even here in Houston where it doesn't get as cold as other places further north, these gloves still come in handy. I think everyone needs these so that's why these leather gloves are on my must-have gift list. Whoever receives these will be thankful! 

Wine glasses

Cheeky Wine Glasses

To switch things up, here's something that is not wearable but yet adds to your lifestyle. Whether that's for display in your cupboard, office, or put to good use, these cheeky wine glasses are a great addition to the home. Gift them to the wine connoisseur in your life!

These were some of the must-have items on my gift list and all found in one of the 9 specially-curated and shoppable collections: Shine Bright, Tech Yes, Be Well, So Cozy, Oh What Fun, Jingle and Mingle, Making Spirits Brights, Merry and Bright, and Holiday Challenge. In fact, JCPenney has long been referred to as Jacques Penne, a playful reference to its elevated merchandise at affordable prices and so it will be opening a Jacques Penne pop-up online store. This online boutique will be up from December 7th 2017 through January 7th 2018 ! Nicole Richie also took the JCPchallenge and you can find her curated list of holiday items that are surprisingly found at JCPenney at Jacques Penne ! 

Holiday must have gifts