Can you believe that the Bayou City got snowfall!? Yes, it did happen and the Houston Snow of 2017 was so brief that it could have been missed if you were out of town for that one day. Snowstorm Benji passed over South Texas and the Gulf coast in a manner of that almost seemed as if it were a gift from mother nature to experience what is so rare here in Houston. 

We rarely have to layer up for the winter around here and in some cases, it's been in the 70's through the end of the year. This was a great way to start closing out such an eventful year for our city. That bench swing you see behind is the same one I sat in when Harvey flooded this park (Vlog 117). 

Houston Snow 2017

Playing In The Snow

Snow Penguin

I am definitely not a morning person, especially after staying up until 3 am waiting for the snow to build up. But as soon as my wife told me there was snow outside, I got up from bed so fast that I was layered up and throwing snowballs outside in 5 minutes! 

The last snow Houston had was back in 2009 so this was Mila's first snow and she was amazed!
Here is the vlog from the day Houston had snow!

What did you do in the 2017 Houston Snow!?