We often forget that there are many parts in a society, a system, business or organization, and it's the same at home, with the only difference being that there are two persons making it all work. Sometimes we try to go 50-50 on all duties but in reality, it never really works. We end up doing a 70-30 split or vice versa. Every day is different and sometimes we can't get around to everything. This is where communication is key in a relationship and as simple as it may sound, it makes a big difference.

As a dad, it's not 100% about the kids all the time. We have to be considerate of our partners too. Their well being, time, and efforts are to be valued and they should be appreciated for the things they do that we don't see. Sometimes as men/husbands, we take a lot of things our wives do for granted and we don't show them our appreciation often enough for those things. Some may say "well she doesn't tell me or shows appreciation" and it's not about that. Just being thankful for having a loving person by your side and letting them know they are great, beautiful, and an awesome parent. It can be the small gestures that keep the sanity in a home.

Parenting is a wonderful thing and even with all the ups and downs, I wouldn't change anything about it. My wife has been a great person to do this with and we have both learned new things about each other. There are days when I have to go out to meetings, shoot videos, or run errands and the house is left a mess all for my wife to look after. And with two toddlers, cleaning up isn't the easiest task. Somehow my wife gets it all done and more. Other times, it's the other way around. My wife goes out and I stay behind with the kids to clean, cook, and laundry to do. On top of the work we do from home, this makes for a full day of things to do. We get our things done and sometimes we don't get to all of them.

I simply appreciate my wife for everything she does, Even though we both work from home, we both often do things we don't see each other do and it isn't to impress each other. We know the responsibilities of every day and we get as much of them done. Sometimes I forget to tell my wife "thank you" or "I appreciate you doing that for me" and let her know a few days later.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and can be a great time to commit to making this coming year one of appreciation for our significant others.

Until next #Dadtalkthursdays,