Yes!!! We are expecting baby #2 !! This is beyond exciting for us and we can't wait to see what new adventures life brings us. Baby 2 will make us a family of four and I think that is the perfect number of kids for us and what we do. We originally wanted 2-3 kids 3-5 years apart, but we came to the conclusion that 5 years may be a bit too far apart for us and so 3 it was.

If any of you remember our birth story, you can recall that our pregnancy with Mila was somewhat of a miracle and the birthing experience was nothing close to magical. After many months of trying to conceive with Mila, we thought that a second baby would be even harder and that wasn't really the case this time, which makes it all that more exciting! This is a special dad moment and I'm looking forward to the first six months of our newborn baby! As I often say, I think the first six months are the most crucial in a baby's life.

We're blessed to have the opportunity to live the way we do, have a supportive family, and be there for our kids whenever they need us. With that being said, it is also important to note that the first two years of us doing what we do now were not easy and took a lot of time, effort, headhaches, frustrations, and countless sleepless nights. It was a risk we took and we are now starting starting to reap the rewards from all the seeds we have been planting these years.

This is why we are calling this time our lives, chapter 2, not only because of baby 2, but becasue this is just the beginning of another stage in our lives together. Join our journey and be a part of our online communities as we write our next chapter in life.

So, baby #3? Hmmm, that is something we have talked about but we are not sure if we'll do it. We're open to the possibility but it may be highly unlikely.

We first release a short video on Facebook and Instagram but it was not really direct, then a few hours later, released the announcement photos you see here!

Thanks to everyone that has supported and joined our communities. It doesn't matter if you've followed since day 1 or just came across our pages today, we are highly appreciative of everyone and glad you are here. We're here thanks to you all, the connections we've made through networking, our will to keep learning new things, and our adventurous spirit. We love going places and we hope you all can follow alone! This will be fun!