I lost track of days and completely didn't realize that today was Friday, so here is #DadTalkThursday !! I've been thinking a lot about different things over the last couple of weeks and wanted to share some thoughts with you all. As a dad, I want to be of positive impact in my kid's life and with the many changes in our society happening, we have to slightly adjust the way we parent. Would you agree?

A few months back I was doing some research on what shapes a generation and the effects it had on our children. I came across three main points: Parenting, Economics, and Technology. No wonder everyone talks about millennials and always find a way to blame the following generation. We can only do so much as parents. It's the truth. We can't create a world where we as parents control everything our children are exposed to. We need to understand that the advancement in technology and it's integration into the education system has vastly increased in the last decade, along with the many changes in the economy and financial status of each household. The one thing we can do that has the most impact on our kids' lives is very simple; parenting. This is why involved and caring parents, in my book, is one of the greatest ways we can shape the future generations.

Parenting is different in every household and we as parents raise our children to the best of our ability. There is no standard or correct way, but we must always do our best. The way I see it, our parenting can and could be taken over by technology, and in some ways, it kind of already has. Take some time out of the week to take the kids out, make crafts, build paper airplanes, start a project together. If your kids don't like the outdoors, you can take them out to a children's museum, library, or other places where they can interact with their surroundings or other people. Simply being there for your kids has a huge impact on your kids. As a kid, one of my favorite things to do was going on a picnic with my mom and I now as an adult I can truly appreciate the time my mom made for me out of her busy schedule. The time you spend with your kids is what you can control our of the three variables. Technology will keep progressing and us parents can only partially decide how much our kids are exposed to and have access to. Economics vary across different household in different countries. We can personally change some of those situations. 

I love seeing videos I come across on Facebook that show parents, but mainly, dads that show them being there 100% for your kids. By 100% I don't mean being there 24/7, I refer to us parents fully being there in time and energy when we do spend time with our kids or when they need us. I hope these thoughts helped you reflect on how we can shape the future generations, starting with the parenting of our children. I think about this a lot, and quite often am moved by the amount of technology that has taken over our lives. As easy as some tasks have become, I personally believe that technology should not take our place as parents. Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below! Would love to hear from you!