This past weekend we were invited by Buick to attend the Houston Art Car Parade. Back in my high school years, I had the chance to decorate an art car but never got to go to the actual parade. I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect but I left the parade a very impressed person. We were inspired by the creative minds that come together to build these amazing cars and Mila was having a blast. She was so joyful when she saw a triceratops car and that was easily her favorite one. Buick has redesigned their line-up and wanted us to see how their designers got some of their inspiration from events like this one. It’s an interesting way to do it but it’s working and they’re doing a great job. To see and experience this, Buick sent us the new Buick Enclave Premium to drive around. This vehicle is beautiful. From the way it’s designed inside & out to the way it drives. Keep in mind, we don’t get paid by the manufacturers to write these posts: I was truly impressed.

For many years I always saw Buick as the brand that was wedged in between Chevrolet and Cadillac. It was the brand for the elderly. At least that’s what everyone else was saying. That is no more. Take a look at Buick’s line-up today and you will see a whole new fleet. Don’t believe me, take a quick peek at their social media channels like Instagram and you will see comments like “Buick really knows how to get rid of elderly people”. This comment simply shows the way many in society perceived the brand before the redesign and new models. In the case of the Enclave, the last major update was back in 2007. That’s 10 years that a vehicle went mostly untouched by the manufacturer. There was a need for a new marketing plan and brand image and they have done a great job of doing so!

We had family visiting from out of town and they were all impressed by the offerings of the Enclave. Seating for 7, heating and cooling seats, the interior trim and how quiet the cabin was. The Enclave has sound deadening glass at the front and they really do a great job of keeping the noise levels down. There are a lot of chrome accents throughout the inside and outside which adds to the luxury feel. Looking at the Enclave from a parents point of view, there are some great features that can make everyday life easier. You have access to 4G LTE WiFi that would come in really handy on road trips with kids or simply staying connected on the road. One thing our entire family can agree on while on the road or stuck in traffic are the bad smells that come from the outside. With the neew Ionizer, the Enclave adds an extra level of filtration for a healthier cab! No more stinky odors and all the clean air!

Comfort is a commodity we can all enjoy, and the smooth ride and quiet interior make for a great ride. Thanks to the QuietTuning found in the SUV, you get a really quiet interior cancels out a lot of exterior noise. The Enclave has sound deadening glass on the windshield and front driver adn passenger windows!  I particularly like the captain seats which allow passengers to easily access the 3rd row. Even though we only have 2 kids, we always have family over and going places, so an SUV like this Enclave would be justifiable. I love to drive and our family really enjoys riding around town in comfort. After experiencing this and seeing what Buick has been doing lately, I am looking forward to what the other vehicles in their line-up have to offer. 

What are your thoughts on Buick's new design and direction??