Well hello, the time I was dreading has come...and gone. We have officially potty trained the kids!!! I say dreaded because I had no idea what I was going to do. Sure there were some crazy diaper changing experiences but, believe it or not, I was ok with that. I simply was not sure how I was going to, you know, deal with actually wiping off their mess off of the potty trainer or their underwear. It's just a time we as parents must all go through. 

There were some cases of near misses, completely missing the potty, and of course, the ones where they pooped on themselves. In our culture, there is a belief, almost held to a standard, that kids need to be potty trained by the age of 1. Now, that sounds amazing and would save anyone money, but that was not our case. So we tried many ways to get the kids to leave the diapers and heard lots of advice and suggestions. I think what worked for us was dedicating almost entire days to potty training. As some of you may know, we work from home and are constantly taking, photos, creating video, on top of all our household responsibilities. So this was not the easiest for us but we were looking forward to getting it done. We would often hear from our elder family members to try different things in a way that sometimes almost made us feel like we didn't know what we were doing. 

Mila prefers the potty that goes over the toilet seat but Noah likes the potty trainer. Again, every kid is different and it takes some serious dedication. We celebrated their tiny victories and comforted them when they had their misses. Of course, it's not pretty but it is one of the first accomplishments in their young lives. Had to rinse off pants under hot water a couple of times and I'd prefer a huge messy diaper over that. We are constantly washing their underwear and now that they use them they don't want their diapers anymore. The bad in this would be that you have to constantly be ready to run them over to the restroom at a moments notice. I have had to jump out of my desk and run downstairs just to make it to the potty a second or two too late lol. It's kinda...fun. Almost like drill training. And of course, the good in all of this is that we don't have to buy diapers any more!!

So we potty trained and it was an experience that I'm glad we have made it through. We tried for months to train the kids without no success but in the last 2 weeks, we have made it a priority to get it done and here we are. In a celebratory manner, we are excited to announce that diapers have left the home and now we are preparing for the many stops on our upcoming and future road trips!! I am seeing so many stages of parenting and I'm living for them, the more involved I am as a dad the more rewarding the experiences become. 

How was your potty training experience?!?