We have moved!! That's where we have been hiding and working at for the past week! Moving is one of those things that I could never find myself liking but it needed to be done. Ashley is halfway through the pregnancy and wasn't going to be lifting anything heavy. Thankfully, Ashley's cousins moved into town around the same time and I had a good amount of help moving the heavy stuff thanks to them. I was thinking of making a whole lot of moves but in reality, thanks to the all-new Chevrolet Traverse RS, we were able to move everything in 5 moves. We were even able to fit a whole couch and other smaller boxes because of the spacious 98.2 feet of cargo space. The Traverse was a major part of our big move but also a big realization at the end of driving it for a week. I'll tell you more about that at the end.

Just a few weeks ago, we were driving the new 2018 Chevrolet Equinox through the heart of Texas, one of our favorite places. We are familiar with Chevy vehicles, but not the new ones, so it was great getting up to date with the new features and design. I spotted a couple of Traverse RS models and was hooked. All I could think was, " I need to get into that vehicle". Seriously. It looks great but also proves very useful for our daily lives and lifestyle. With us moving soon, and Mila's 3rd birthday, I wanted the cargo space for a road trip and moving our things. It worked out and I am thankful for the awesome team behind the face of Chevrolet making things like this possible. We did not make the road trip happen due to some setbacks and change of plans that came out of nowhere, you know like it always happens. I was a bit bummed out since we were going to a dinosaur park and both Mila and I love dinosaurs. It was ok though because we had a lot to do. 

The Traverse is a 7 passenger CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle), not an SUV, even though it is more like the latter. It carries the same chassis as this vehicle we really loved too! For a large vehicle, it is quite light on its wheels thanks to a higher torque output thanks to the turbo. Being an RS trim model, you would think it would have the same V6 engine as the other Traverse's do. This is actually the only one to have a 4 cylinder engine. Instead of the 3.6 Liter V6 producing 310 horsepower and 266 Lb. Ft. Torque, it makes 257 Horsepower, down 53 hp, but up 29 in torque. The torque is easily accessed in the lower power band which is perfect for city and everyday driving. Also one of the reasons why it feels lighter than what it actually is. Moving all of our belongings didn't weigh down the Traverse much and still felt agile.

Dare I say, the move was somewhat pleasing. Easy and efficient. I was very impressed by the vast amount of room with all the seats down. Even behind the third row, you still have 23 cu. ft. of cargo space with some additional storage under the floor. The second-row captain's chairs can slide forward to give the third row some additional leg room. For what we do, our family, and places we love to go, the Traverse is a great vehicle. It may be the best family hauler on the market today! Not only is it spacious, a new redesigned and sporty look, but it is also great on gas mileage. I averaged 23 miles per gallon city/highway combined and 27.8 on highway miles. This was actually slightly better than its EPA rating of 22 Combined and 26 Highway. Earlier in the week, I drove a bit more happily and of course, had a lower mileage average. It all comes down to your driving style. It is hard to come across a large CUV/ SUV with good mileage, but this Traverse is ones serious contender in the ever-expanding CUV market. 

My final verdict on the RS, is that it is lovely to drive, great and useful cargo space, minimum exterior noise, good mileage, and great looks. If you're looking for a large passenger vehicle, that is sporty and utilitarian, look no further and go test drive one of these. The RS package adds cosmetic changes like the black 20-inch wheels, black bow tie, and black leather interior. The only downside to some is that you get a FWD layout instead of All Wheel Drive. The 4 cylinder turbocharged engine is like Chevy threw a curveball at us. We would have expected the same V6 as the other trim models, but needless to say, the torque with this engine, makes the drive a whole lot better. After all, it is torque that gets you moving!

Thank You Chevrolet!!