This is a sponsored post by Febreze ONE. These are my own true and honest opinions. 

There are many factors that affect our state of mind, one of them being sense of smell. It’s all around us and some are pleasing while others can get in the way of our enjoyment. Activities throughout the day and a busy schedule take a toll on us, physically and mentally. That’s why having a fresh smelling environment is important in keeping the harmony and state of mind together. Don’t even get me started with the kids and the mess they make. Having a Febreze ONE fabric & air mist nearby keeps our home smelling nice and helps me and my wife get into a #ONEStateOfMind . 

There are many reasons why Febreze ONE has been a peacekeeper in our home, per se. From unwanted cooking odors to sweaty workout clothes, the soothing and relaxing scent of mandarin keeps my wife at ease. This time around, pregnancy morning sickness has been no joke, and there are certain odors that we have to be vigilant for and when we come across one that can trigger my wife, I keep it away from her! Febreze ONE comes in three different scents: Orchid, Bamboo, and Mandarin, and they aren’t overpowering like some other air freshener might be. In fact, this mist controls odors with no aerosols, dyes, or heavy perfumes. That is a win and an added bonus for our family. It allows you to love the air and environment you are in which helps keep us in a #ONEStateOfMind . 

Before I came across this campaign, we were constantly watching out for odors and things that just took away from the peace and experience of our home. We were seeking a harmonious balance in our house to create a sense of calmness and peace. This is not an easy task when you have toddlers running about, but Febreze ONE’s ultra-fine mist without the use of aerosols definitely helps with this.! e enjoy nature-inspired scents and all the unwanted smells are no more. Keeping a bottle around in the restroom, on the nightstand, and living room help keep our house smelling nice and fresh.

In a recent survey that Febreze did, more than half of Americans typically avoid using strong aerosol sprays, but 91% would be interested in trying one that did not contain aerosols, dyes, and heavy perfumes. For some people, like my wife, strong perfumes can cause headaches. The survey also found that over 90% of people say a fresh smelling environment gives them a positive state of mind, and sometimes even improves their mood. Our family lives with Febreze ONE and can say that I’ll continue to do so. We can use the bamboo spray to help feel calm, the mandarin one to energize the environment, and the Orchid for a soothing experience. With their 2-in-1 formula, you can spray Febreze ONE on fabrics and in the air. A great way to keep my wife happy!