This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Autotrader and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. #shopallthecars

Spring is a great time. Not only because we have nicer weather or the flowers are blooming, but it is also time for spring cleaning, which means, out with the old and in with the new. On top of all of that, many will start to receive their tax returns which makes it a prime time for car shopping, that should come to no surprise though. I think most of us think about various ways to spend our returns and getting a new car probably come to mind when we do. I’ve partnered up with Autotrader, the most complete online car shopping and buying experience, to share some insights and tips on how to shop for your next car and find the best deal.

Autotrader launched new features in early 2018, with more updates coming later this year, and now has a new mobile-first homepage. Now you will find a seamless shopping experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile through a new sleek look and faster loading times. The efficient experience helps connect the consumer with the cars they are looking forward to buy. Our family is in the market for a new car, and shopping for a new vehicle takes some time, especially when you know you can get a better deal. This is why Autotrader is such an awesome tool that helps simplify our shopping experience. Car shopping online saves you valuable time and narrows down your choices. There are some cool features like the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Range, the only third-party listing site to have this feature. This gives you the confidence to make a purchase with expert, up-to-date- and data-driven pricing information from the most trusted resource. By having this information, I can look at all the eligible cars and make a purchase backed with confidence and the information thanks to Autotrader.

By having a modernized search experience, Autotrader helps drive the consumer to their search faster by sorting listing according to shopper search input, previous shopping history, and a combination of distance and value. With more features coming later this year, the more you use Autotrader, the more refined your search becomes and your shopping experience become more personalized. This is, in my opinion, the most time-consuming part of car shopping, so having these features and tools available, make the whole experience frictionless. With the vast choices of vehicles on the market today, it can be a difficult to make a purchase simply based on word-of-mouth. Getting accurate data and information is key in making the best purchase for you and/or your family.
Once we are ready to make the final purchasing decisions, we can make that call from By having access to more information, we can close the gap between car shopping and making an actual purchase. Once we get to that point, we can make a deal online which shortens the amount of time we spend at the dealership. If there is one thing I really don’t like to spend time on, it’s going to a dealership and leaving without closing a deal. Save some time, and do your shopping online with Autotrader ! #shopallthecars