Installing a car seat is one of those things that you absolutely must get right as a parent. Every car seat comes with its own manual and reading those instructions can be the difference between thinking you got a car seat right and actually installing the seat properly. I was surprised when a survey commisioned by Chevrolet found that almost 34% of Houstonians were concerned with proper car seat installation. That number is surprisingly high and with the uptick in baby births, 9 months after the Astros won the World Championship series, Chevy is hoping to be of help to new parents and families. They are doing this by sharing information and educating families on proper car seat installation, car safety on the road, sharing about the dangers of heat stroke. 
Chevrolet had a demonstration on site that showed the temperature inside the vehicle as well as the outside one. On this particular day, the temperature was 94 degrees, in the shade, and the inside temperature read just shy of 100 degrees! The summer heat is dangerous alone and needless to say, leaving a child or pet behind in a vehicle instantly puts them in danger. It's hard to wrap my mind around parents leaving their kids behind in cars, whether it's hot or not. We hanged out in the shade and enjoyed some ice cream and pickles, some of my wife's favorite cravings. In the short amount we were at Discovery Green, we felt the heat temperature rise and saw our ice cream melt faster. I'm glad manufacturers are adding alerts to their vehicles, it can really save lives. I could care less about my ice cream melting, what I really care about is the average child deaths in hot cars drop from 37 to 0.
It never came across my mind that sports win would influence the birth rate. In fact, a hospital here in Houston saw 48 births in a span of 41 hours. That is almost 4 times higher than the average! New car safety features like a rear seat reminder and surround vision camera help us be more aware and safe on the road but also educating ourselves in properly installing our baby car seats makes every drive a little safer.

Check out this infographic with some information to keep you and your family safe on the road

Check out the vlog to see how to properly install a car seat and how I did!