We were looking at our last 5 weeks of the pregnancy and wanted to make sure we went on a date before our baby arrived. These last few weeks are the ones that put us on high alert. This pregnancy has gone by a lot faster than our first time and we are getting close to full term. Ashley and I were looking to get some alone time and talk about our goals, and what we want to get done before the baby comes. To further the experience, we had the new 2019 Buick Envision to drive around in a refined package with features that really allowed us to focus on ourselves.

We dropped off our daughter at my in-laws and made our way to an Italian restaurant we've heard good things about but hadn't come around to it. I had called earlier in the day to make a reservation and everything was ready for a seamless date night. This had to be a great night, especially since we don't go on dates on our own often and had a lot to celebrate. One of the greatest things we value is our relationship and every chance we get to be alone and have meaningful conversations keeps us going strong.

The features in the Buick definitely set the tone for our date. The Envision has QuietTuning and an air Ionizer which add a sense of refinement and calm ambiance. The front windshield, as well as the front door windows, have acoustic laminated glass and the doors have triple seals to minimize exterior and road noise. It allowed us to focus on our conversations without having to speak over cars and noise around us. The air ionizer is a great feature that not only keeps the cabin air fresh but also free from dust, and pollen. Ashley has pretty bad allergies and without that feature, it would be safe to say our date wouldn't have been the same. Besides that, who doesn't like fresh air?

Ashley and I were excited to see what this restaurant was all about, as much as we were excited about our date. We actually went in blind without checking out the menu beforehand so it was fun to see what we were going to order. We usually get an appetizer and once we saw lasagna eggrolls we instantly agreed to order that to get things started. I was also looking through the wine menu but quickly realized how unfair that would be to Ashley so I opted for something more baby friendly lol. The food selection was great and I could see, besides the environment, why this place had great reviews. 

We started to talk about random things and gradually got into more serious subjects. One thing I love is being able to talk about serious things without that heavy feeling, almost keeping it a bit lighthearted. As time went on, we had talked about everything in our lives and realized how full we were. Somehow, we found the courage to go ahead and order dessert. We just had to find out if their cheesecake was great! And it was. One of my favorites I'd say. Ashley thought it could have been a bit more frozen though. 

We continued our conversation and took in every second of it knowing that we wouldn't go on another date until our baby was around 3 months. We couldn't be happier with this experience and are glad that Buick was part of it. Nurturing our relationship and spending quality time together is a great way to strengthen our relationship but also prepares us mentally and emotionally for our baby. 

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