This post is sponsored by Febreze, however, all opinions expressed below are my own honest opinions!

The big game is coming up this weekend, and it’s a big deal for us this year. Not because of any particular team playing but because it will be the first time we host a game at our place. I admit, am a little nervous, especially because the party prep is entirely up to me this time.

There are a couple of things my wife told me to make sure get done in order for things to run smoothly. Things like cleaning and making sure everything is done at least 30 minutes before everyone gets here. She even reminded me to make sure the place doesn’t smell like the food I am going to cook, which honestly I hadn’t even thought about. Hosting is more than just offering food, it’s about offering the best place to enjoy and relax.

Unwanted or unpleasant smells is an easy way to throw off the mood and potentially ruin a party. That is where Febreze comes in handy before, during, and after big days like these. You definitely don’t want any odors sidelining your game day experience.

Here are my 3 top tips for hosting game day:

1. Use serving trays instead of disposables so you can reuse them every game day. This saves money in the long run, and it’s one less thing you have to worry about picking up at the store!

2. Serve foods that won’t taste awful if everyone is slowly munching away. I found that putting out hot queso isn’t the best thing for a long game like this one because of that layer on the top that cools down kind of grosses me out. Instead I generally use sour cream based dips! If you want a good hot queso though, I highly suggest you keep it in a crockpot!

3. Get all the cleaning done ahead of time, and spray an air freshener like Febreze AIR to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Check out what kind of madness can happen if you forget the Febreze, the odor-eliminating MVP of any party: