This post is sponsored by Disrupt Aging by AARP. These are my own thoughts and reflections on my lifestyle and experiences.

As we count the days of the week towards the weekend in hopes of creating an awesome weekend for the family, we oversee that we are slowly aging day by day and that is okay. My mom taught me early on that age was a blessing and we should take advantage of all the lessons and experiences that shape our outlook in life. I'm a young dad but as I turned 25 this last year, some things have changed, such as plans I had for life, career changes, and beautiful addition to the family, my second daughter, Isabella. These last few months have been a whirlwind for me but I see it as preparation for the next phase in my life. At 25 years old, I physically feel as if I was 23 but in my mind, I am closer to 30. I personally don't think that hitting that 30 mark makes anyone old, but it all comes down to perspective. If you were to ask a younger person, they probably would say 30 is old, but if you ask me, I would say probably somewhere between 50 and 60. One of my goals as a dad is to be there for my kids and family and being able to keep up with them on our adventures. Getting older is inevitable but we can definitely do our part in disrupting aging and making the most out of every year of our lives.

Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to getting older. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not trying to rush into it either. There are lots to learn and experience along the way and some of the best things about getting older is creating new memories with your family and friends. We also get to see our families grow, we become wiser (hopefully haha), and our careers develop. So how exactly do we disrupt aging and what does that mean exactly? In short, changing the perspective most people have of becoming older and embracing our age. There were times I was afraid of getting older, mostly when I thought about being able to take care of my health and staying healthy for my kids. My life is not all about me and I want to be able to give those around my the best of my time. That means being able to play with my kids or grandkids or simply being able to keep up with their endless source of energy!

I have plenty of time to become the best person possible and I've learned a couple of things along the years to help me get there. There are 3 things that have single-handedly changed my life, or at least the way I approach different situations. When doing something, make sure you do it right the first time and with a good attitude, make time for others, and staying healthy for not only myself but also for my family. Try them out and see what they do for you! I feel at a point in my life where there is so much to learn, see, and do. After all, I'm a 25-year-old dad of 2 and I'm sure there won't be a dull moment around here. I'm grateful for the position I find myself in today and am always looking back to see how I can be a better person in the future for my family. It's the experiences through life that help guide you later on and make the best decisions.

As a modern dad and parenting roles shared by both parents at home, I want to inspire my daughters through our actions and our story. Many people told us we were too young to start a family or a business. In our home, we do most things together and share our duties between my wife and I. We want to show that we make things happen when we work together as we age and want to stay actively involved in our children's' lives. There are many things we can do at each of the stages in our lives. Maybe travel and leisure is more your style, or it could be socializing and spending time at events around town. We all have things we would love to do and by thinking of our future today, we can better prepare and disrupt aging over time.