This post is sponsored by Chamberlain (CGI). These are my own thoughts and opinions.

Holiday shopping can be hard for some of us. Maybe you don’t have a great list to work off of or the gifts you went out to get are sold out or out of stock. That happened to me, more than once, and so to save time, money and my sanity – I decided online shopping was my best approach to holiday gift-buying. I rarely go out for shopping nowadays and when I do, it becomes more of a stroll through the shopping centers to enjoy time with my family. As online shopping is increasing, so are package deliveries. I wanted a better way of receiving our packages at home. With myQ-connected Smart Garage Technology, our online holiday shopping has seamlessly transitioned from the web to the safety of our garage.

I don’t know about you, but my family travels the most during the holiday season. The last thing we want is for our online purchases to be sitting outside for a couple of days at the mercy of the weather and being exposed. This year I am excited to have partnered with Chamberlain Group (CGI) in learning about and integrating their smart garage technology into my daily life. It has been wonderful and your holiday shopping experience, as well as your everyday life, can benefit from a myQ Smart Garage Hub So, what is on your holiday shopping list?

In the past couple of years, I have noticed technology, followed by kitchenware, are two popular and practical gift categories. It probably has a lot to do with how affordable and convenient technology has become. For example, the myQ Smart Garage Hub is at the top of my Christmas Gift giving list and right now it’s on sale for $29.98 on Kitchenware is a world all of its own. Personally, I have a fascination with good quality cutlery and dishware so I can see how that is a great option to gift family members and friends. I skimmed through and here are some of the most popular gift ideas, that I also thought were great ones. 1. myQ Smart Garage Hub 2. Wireless Bluetooth Speakers (waterproof is a plus!) 3. Air Fryer 4. Home Assistant Speaker 5. Wireless Headphones 6. Laptop or Accessories (bag, cover, skin) 7. Developmental Toys For Kids 8. Board Games

This list is generalized so you can use as a starting point and search for the best gift for your friend, sibling or spouse within the options available! You can quickly identify the perfect gift for that special someone on Amazon Prime. And, if your garage is myQ-connected, you can link the myQ App to the Amazon Key App to have your packages delivered inside your garage. When the driver arrives with your package, they simply open the garage with an encrypted code, place your package safely inside the garage and then close the garage door – during which you will receive a notification on you phone that your package has arrived!  Your shopping is all taken care of and all you have to worry about is the gift wrapping – something I need to start practicing! Technology has really opened up opportunities in our lives by making our daily lives easier, efficient and safe. So, whether I am away traveling or crossing out holiday gifts at the store, I know that all my online shopping is safe at home!

Key by Amazon delivery is available in 50 cities/areas now and is expanding. Check your eligibility here