Chances are that most of you are aware of what is going on, at least in the slightest of ways. The media is on this 24/7 and the economy has taken a 1-2 punch from the virus as well as the oil war going on with OPEC.  This makes me a little uneasy but I am trying to stay calm and collected for my family and my mental health. We have been home for over a week now and go out on the patio for some fresh air which has helped relax the tensions a bit. The girls have been well too and Mila just received her work at home plan. We just became home school teachers! That is ok, our daughters' education is of high importance and we must find ways to continue moving forward even in times like these. 

My wife and I talk about how we are feeling often, and it has helped calm us down especially when we are both seeing this situation from two points of view. We are doing our best to keep each other sane and think things through before overreacting. Fortunately, our jobs allow us to work remotely and that is a big plus since we can still work at this time, we can also be with the girls, and besides making sure our fridge and pantry are stocked up, it is fairly normal for us. We don't eat out often so that isn't an issue for us. We are looking forward to sharpening our cooking skills and being active at home. 

The well being of our family is important and as the days go by it gets a little harder to predict how long this will last. The best we can do is be safe, and stay as positive as we can together. Staying home can be hard for some people, but this is temporary and shall pass. We can flatten the curve a lot sooner if we practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible. Mila has been well and staying on top of her learning and e-learning apps like Lingokids. We're making sure she has learning time on and off the screen. It is hard recreating a school environment at home, so we try to set times where she will sit down and do her school activities like draw, color, write, and read.

Meanwhile, we are on day 8 of quarantine and are holding up alright, and are hoping we can all collectively flatten the curve sooner rather than later. Lots of people need to get back to work and there are many kids that depend on their parents to support them. It's a tough time, so I ask you to check in on your family members and make sure they are doing well, especially your elders. And then if you are able to and your finances allow you to help, find an organization you can donate your time, money or supplies to. 

Remember, feeling safe isn't the same as actually being safe. Follow through with best practices and be prepared.