Dad life has been a little rough lately but also filled with many memorable memories. As much as we used to go out and travel, taking time to be with each other is great for our relationship and bonding as a family. We get to spend time valuable time with each other as well as talking more with each other. One of my favorite things has been coming up with creative things to do around the house. Mila is more into doing crafts like watercolors, painting, drawing and building pillow forts( I think that is considered a craft) , and collectively brainstorming. 

My kids keep me thinking positive and help me keep my mind active. It is an awkward time, mostly because staying home is not something new to my wife or I. We usually spend most of our days with our kids and do activities that revolve around them but I can't help but think of those who aren't prepared or don't have any kind of flexibility in their lives. I can relate to an extent because I can recall some times early in my childhood where I lived through some difficulties, wether financially or low on resources such as food. Keep in mind this was back in the early 90's and life is much different today. That, however, does not change the fact that some people are struggling today. Remembering where I came from keeps me grounded and allows me to help those around me without question. 

This may sound a little, debbie-downer there, but it is only  reflection of the great things I have learned in life and shaped me in the person I am today. I've been checking on my grandmas constantly, at least a lot more than before, and help them out with what they need. Anything to avoid them having to go out to the stores or crowds. It makes me happy, honestly, to be in a position to help my family because of financial responsibility learned from my dad and the generosity from my mom. I am eternally grateful because these are the things that help each generation get ahead. It is the actions that we take that moves us forward. Our family is doing great and we are stable in all areas of life, to the point that I want to feel comfortable, but knowing that there are people that need help is messing with me internally. I would love to help, but, the uncertainty and prolongation of this pandemic tells me to take care of my family until we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

That's a condensed version of what goes through my mind on the daily. And there are positive things here to take away, in being responsible and always planning for rainy days ( financially)  my family can have some peace of mind and have one less thing to worry about. My daughters are doing great, and in creating a calm environment, we can have more harmony here and keep the anxiety levels low. Being a dad at this time can be tough, especially when work is slow and many people are getting laid off. Having worked in fabrication, oil, and chemical plants, I have been through many lay offs, and it sucks. Being an online dad doesn't mean I am disconnected or unrelatable. I have been in the positions of many dads that probably don't even use social media, which is typical when you are working 12-14 hour shifts 6-7 days a week. These times are tough and I know how it can have a negative impact on our mental state. If anyone needs someone to talk to feel free to reach out anytime, anywhere! Stay positive and remember that even in these times, our kids are always watching.