After having to pack up and move in the middle of a pandemic, we can say that we have settled in quite nicely. Boxes have made their way out of the rooms and the garage also has enough space now where we have considered building a workout area. I saw this cool workout frame that folds away that is space-saving and functional. Project pending. Our office is coming along and we are adding the last finishing pieces to our home. It has kept us busy and somewhat distracted from what is going on. Our family is great as well as extended family, but given the growing number of cases here in Houston we are avoiding going anywhere inside and are opting for curbside pick up or home deliveries as much as possible.

I am tired of this pandemic and would like to go away on a month-long trip to west Texas or the mountains somewhere. Simply going away won't fix the problem or make it go away, but it would definitely give us some peace of mind knowing that we can be outdoors and away from other people. The girls are starting to get pretty antsy and luckily we now have a backyard so we can do some activities out there, at least when it is not over 100 degrees or raining, as it has for the last few days. I am doing my best to stay calm and collected while trying to find new things to do at home. Fortunately, unpacking and settling in, as mentioned above,  is pretty much done and did keep us busy. 

The one thing that will keep us busy for the next day or two will be repotting our plants. It is time for some of our plants to get new soil and new pots to continue growing. The plants are still alive ever since we got started our green thumb project 2 years ago. For those that remember, we started buying plants as a way to deal with stress during Ashley's pregnancy with  Isabella. It is funny how it is coming in handy during this time as well! Since then, our plants have multiplied and we've also added a few others. I have also taken the time to learn some new things, mostly pertaining to finances and a few things about off-roading. 

With all this being said, I wanted to share a little about what's been going on and how I feel about this worldwide event. Thankfully, I am glad to say that we have been great at home and staying as safe as possible. We hope you are well too and find something to balance out the lows. Also, if you have any ideas for passing time and keeping the kids busy, that would be great! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram where we share what we are up to!