With many people working from home due to the pandemic and trying to find a new normal, there are many changes that we have gone through in an effort to be safe, continue working, and staying comfortable since going out isn't much of an option for some. We just finished moving 3 weeks ago today and have been trying to stay busy unpacking and decorating our new home. Since my wife and I get to work from home, as of now, at least until January 2021, we have been staying in comfortable clothes without looking like we just rolled out of bed. So I opted to stay comfortable and stylish with Mack Weldon pieces, they are premium quality basics great for lounging around, running errands, and of course, working from home.

Even before this pandemic started, I was already working from home and found that dressing up made it a lot easier to get into work mode. I would also be ready at all times to get up and go do errands at a moments notice. Coming across Mack Weldon was a great thing for me because I was in the process of building up my basic pieces with high-quality pieces, which I found on their website. A good quality white T-shirt was on my list for a while and came across their Silver collection White T-shirt which is made of 85% Supima® cotton, 10% XT2® Polyester, and 5% Lycra. It fits just right, not tight and not loose, and the sleeves are fitted without feeling tight. The grey shirt is also of high quality, made of 100% Pima Cotton. They both fit great. For reference, I am 5'11" and wearing a size Large.

For the bottoms, I really liked their sweatpants and opted for these beige ones which have a tapered fit and also have a zipper pocket on the side which  I have found very useful. The tapered fit adds to the premium feels since it doesn't look baggy and looks more sophisticated. This could also be great for going to the gym or running errands, I actually ran some errands a few days ago. Athleisure it great, since it allows you to be comfortable and sport an athletic look. The great thing is that these are functional pieces. Instead of having an elastic tab around the ankle, Mack Weldon used an elastic tab on the heel which keeps it in place while keeping a clean streamlined look. My other option were the blue sweatshorts in the video below.  At the time of writing these were not available but they have them in black. I wanted something to lounge around and in a color other than neutral or the usual black or grey that I had. They are very comfortable and soft. Just like the sweatpants, these sweatshorts also have a zipper pocket which is easy to get to and use. Both of these bottom pieces are mad with micro sanded french terry for a premium feel and comfort.

How are you staying comfortable during this pandemic and what are some of your favorite athleisure pieces? Having your basics made of higher quality materials is a great way to build a wardrobe since they are the base for layering and getting dress for everyday life!