This post is sponsored by iwi, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When I set my goals for the new year back in January, I promise, I had every intention of reaching them. But like everyone, I didn’t see results right away, so I kind of let them slide day by day. Since we just entered spring, I figured that this was the best time to start over!

One of my most important goals for the year is to improve my overall health and spend more time outdoors with my two girls. The key has been to add more vitamins and supplements to my daily routine! I’ve been using iwi Omega-3 and the cholesterol supplement, and it’s been my most important addition. I want to make sure my heart is healthy, build a stronger immune system, and make sure my bones and joints are in the best possible shape to run around and enjoy the amazing spring weather with my family. Being able to do this for years to come is what makes my overall health a top priority.

After learning that our bodies do not produce Omega-3s naturally, I decided that by taking iwi, my body can absorb a higher quality Omega-3 - 50% more absorption actually! I am also getting it straight from its natural source on the planet - algae! Research shows that Omega-3 supplements support overall health and well-being - from heart, brain, and vision, to bones and joints.

iwi Cholesterol provides the power of EPA-only Omega-3 derived from nannochloropsis microalgae. Their proprietary ingredient, Almega®PL, has been clinically shown to reduce total cholesterol by 25%, in particular VLDL, without decreasing good HDL Cholesterol, which is a unique benefit that no other Omega-3 source can claim. Keeping my cholesterol balanced is highly important to me, since it is something that I need to watch based on hereditary genes.

Not only do I feel good about what I am putting into my body, but I feel good about the product itself. iwi is sustainably farmed in the USA and powered by the sun. As a family, we have been conscious about the world we are leaving for our kids, and eventually, our grandkids. By farming the algae for iwi on land, they are protecting the ocean’s ecosystem. 97% of the water is reused with the remaining 3% being lost to evaporation.

Overall wellness takes effort and dedication, just like iwi is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact, while bringing the best products forward through innovative sciences. Being able to farm the richest source of Omega-3 in the desert is impressive, and knowing that they are also striving to move forward to reduce single-use plastic is awesome. Their refills come in a bag made with recycled materials. Getting more does not have to impact the environment and world around us. Join me on this journey and use code DADDYDIARIES30 at checkout to get 30% off your first order. Plus, if you subscribe, you will save an additional 20% on every order! Head on over to ! #iwilife #betterlivingbeginswithin