This post is sponsored by TRX®, but all opinions are my own.

The way we all live our lives and use our time is unique to each and every one of us. That is one reason why working out from home is the best option for many, especially parents. As a dad, I love to use my time efficiently, so I can get the most out of my day. That is why I am excited to partner with TRX® and challenge myself to keep up with my fitness goals. The TRX® HOME2 System is something new to me, but because of how easy they are to use and set up, I was able to get my workouts done in no time.

Now, even though I used to do intense workouts and calisthenics in my younger days—at least before my dad bod—it took a few tries to get comfortable and find the right angles of intensity. Anytime we try something new for the first time, it’s normal to be unsure, to build confidence and know-how over time. So how easy is it to install the TRX Suspension Trainer(™)? There are 3 easy steps to it. Set up your anchor on a door, (preferably opposite the direction of which way the door opens). You can also install an anchor, like the XMount to a wall or ceiling in the garage or studio. Once the anchor is in place, adjust it to the desired length for the exercise you want to perform, and you’re ready to work out. That’s it. It helps that the straps are very easy to adjust both up and down.

My fitness goals are now easier to achieve thanks to the TRX® HOME2 System. For example, I can work out in our home office before or right after work, saving me precious time. Another way I can use TRX® in the future is when we are traveling. It packs away nicely in a mesh bag, which I can easily carry and set up on a hotel room door or outdoors off on a tree. I really, really like that it’s portable because it matches well with our travel-filled, road-trip-filled lifestyle.

I once saw the TRX in a gym I used to go to, and now that I have them in my home, I wish I had gotten them sooner. To be honest, it would have saved me a lot of time and money. I am a big fan of calisthenics (I’m talking the intense gymnastic kind, not the jumping jack kind) which is working out with your own bodyweight and that’s essentially how TRX® works. It’s easy for me to try out old calisthenics workouts on the straps. And for days when I don’t want to think up my own workout, TRX® has this cool new training platform—TRX Training Club with LIVE classes and tons of On-Demand workouts.

I’ll be keeping my TRX® close to my office for now because it’s convenient, but for the days that I do cardio? I have the anchor set up in my garage. Check out my instagram to see some of my favorite moves—maybe you’ll be inspired to try this out in your own home! #TRXLetsMove