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Father's Day Gifts. One of the top things searched for online around this time of year. And out of all things we could get dad, finding the things to get dad to enjoy the outdoors seems to be the top pick. My family and I have been a fan of DICK's Sporting Goods for a few years now, and it has helped our family enjoy the outdoors more. This last winter we found some great Winter Holiday finds and some of them would be great for Father's Day too! 

Father's Day Gift Guide

There were a few things I wanted to focus on when it came to creating a gift guide for dads this year. Sportswear, health and fitness, and outdoors gear were the 3 main areas that had great items to gift this coming holiday. 

One of the coolest finds was a pair of Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. I had no idea they were sold there and I would put this on the gift list if dad wants to needs some. These shades go well with this athleisure look with VRST pieces, an exclusive brand of high quality pieces perfect for everyday activities. These VRST joggers are great for that athleisure look, working out, and just about any other activity thanks to their flexibility and breathability. The Shirt is also from VRST and kept me cool on this day where temps hit triple digits. To finish the outfit, I found these Adidas Ultraboost last winter and are now on sale. Put these shoes close to the top of the list! They are comfortable and stylish.

VRST Outfit

VRST Outfit

Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban Aviators

If you have kept up with my stories on Instagram, you know that I have been working out and posting a few things about fitness. After a year of working from home, I am ready to get a little more active and the having the right gear alwas helps us get closer to our fitness goals. The athletic wear from Adidas has been my go-to , in case you couldn't tell, and the shorts have zip-up pockets which are great for keeping keys or other small items secured in place. The sleeveless Tee is great for those hot workouts in the garage or for showing off some workout gains. I wanted to switch up some workouts and found that this kettlebell is great for adding new exercises to my routine. 

Adidas workout outfit


Let's find some things for the outdoor. Whether you are simply stepping outside for some grilling or going off the trail and need some camping gear, I believe these are great things to have ready for the next adventure. This grilling set is awesome and as a dad that recently got a new grill, it is great to have my own grilling utensils. We used to go camping quite often but slowly stopped and thinking about it now, I am not sure why we stopped. Everyday is a great day to get outdoors and some of my most memorable moments have been while camping. So I found this tent that fits a small family and comes at a great value. Also, because of how hot it gets in the summer, we picked up one of these tent fans which have helped lots in the past.

Grilling Utensils For Dad

Camping Tent For Small Family

There are some other small items that you can easily pick out for dad. The YETI Rambler's are great to have for those cold drinks in the summer and hot sips during the winter. One hot seller is the mystery tackle box which I think is pretty cool and could spark some fond memories fishing with dad or grandpa. If I am honest, one of my favorite items has to be the Birkenstock EVA slides. Get a pair of them for dad. They fit so well and are so comfy, definitely more value than they are selling for. Thank me later! 

Yeti Items To Gift Dad

Birkenstock EVA Slides

Well, I will let you go shopping now and hope that dad gets some cool gifts this year, and my hope is that I helped you put some of these items on your list found at DICK'S. Happy Father's Day!