This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation. As an ambassador, these are my honest thoughts and opinions.

We are now in the 2021 hurricane season and as we share the important message of storm preparedness, I also want to highlight some things The Home Depot Foundation has done and will continue to do to help  our communities prepare and rebuild. 

As an ambassador for The Home Depot Foundation, I am elated to highlight the good that they do and how important it is for the communities on the Gulf Coast, especially in Houston, a city prone to flooding. As a Houstonian, born and raised, I know how disastrous some of these hurricanes, storms and tornadoes can be in the region. From being stuck in flooded streets, flooded homes, leaky roofs, I know the feeling of needing help when disasters have their way. 

The rain here can be relentless at times and even when we prepare to the best of our ability, we could find ourselves needing help from others. And because of those personal experiences I’ve had while living through countless hurricanes, it is good to know that this Foundation prepares communities and nonprofit partners before the disasters and also aids in post-storm recovery and rebuilding. The Home Depot Foundation launches large-scale efforts to donate essential supplies to help Americans rebuild and recover. These efforts would definitely come in handy even when we do our best to prepare ourselves. For example, there have been random tornadoes and if they were to have damaged our roof, we would be affected. There are some things mother nature simply overpowers us in.

As a dad of two girls, it’s important for me to model good values like supporting our local community, which is why it is great seeing the nonprofit arm of @HomeDepot make it a goal to prepare and supply others for these natural events, especially when you see them sharing disaster clean up kits like the ones you see here. Philanthropic efforts are great to see in our communities, especially when some of them are affected disproportionately and could use the extra support. In many cases, more often than not, the homeowners can only prepare themselves as much as their financial resources allow them. This is why it is important to spread awareness of how to prepare for natural disasters and why organizations like The Home Depot Foundation are ready to help support communities if the need arises.

In 2021 already, The Home Depot Foundation has committed more than $5 million to disaster relief efforts. And, the @HomeDepot stores located in strike zones (Gulf Coast region being one of them) often become command centers for first responders and relief agencies. They work together on preparedness and relief efforts and I am glad to be a part of that. Visit The Home Depot Foundation to learn more about their efforts.

I wish everyone a safe hurricane and tornado season and hope that you prepare as best as you can for yourself, your family and your home.