As the end of the year gets closer, our family reflects on the things that we accomplished and the things we have yet to do. One of the things that we do around this time is finding ways to give back. Seeing the great things that The Home Depot Foundation has done, we are glad to have partnered with them and highlight the great things that they do while also inspiring us to extend a helping hand when we can. You can see how important it is to prepare and be prepared for disasters in our Hurricane Season Preparedness post.

Donating Food Items at the Houston Food Bank

Giving back is something that our family has been doing for the last 3 years. Not only do we do that to help the less fortunate but also in hopes of teaching our kids the importance of giving and lending a helping hand. Having the opportunity to highlight The Home Depot Foundation’s philanthropic efforts has been a great way to learn about different efforts around the country such as Operation Surprise! Leading by example is one way, as a dad myself, to teach my daughters and family how to give back and by seeing these efforts we can align ourselves with others’ missions.

Some things that the Foundation has done in the past are preparations for disaster relief, such as hurricanes and tornadoes like the ones found here. You can also see some of the great initiatives that have happened throughout this eventful year on The Home Depot Foundation Instagram page. As mentioned above, Operation Surprise was a great initiative to help our veterans and communities in need, and I am glad to be an ambassador for  the organization making it happen. 

Donating food at the Houston Food Bank

This year we gathered together nonperishable food items to go drop off at the Houston Food Bank. Our family got together and talked about what it meant to give back as we filled a box with goods. This has been one of the few things that we have consistently been able to do over the past 3 years. Growing up we didn’t get to help others because it was us who found ourselves on the receiving end. Now that we are in a position to help and give, I give thanks, and give what I can because we all go through tough times, whether they are caused by natural events or other circumstances. Seeing The Home Depot Foundation help veterans, homeowners with a need to restore their homes or those who have lost everything to natural disasters has reinforced my belief that giving and helping others can truly make a positive impact as well as help others on their feet. I’ve learned that we are all subject to disasters and can come from all kinds of circumstances and backgrounds. In my life, I’ve learned to receive and give thanks, and am glad to be the one to give back. 

Big thanks to all the #TeamDepot members who have stepped in to help those affected by the 2021 Hurricane Season and the 2021 Tornado that hit Western Kentucky! 

The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation

The Home Depot Foundation