My weekends are full of events, both planned and spontaneous. Some events allow children and some others don't. But when we do take the baby, what's the best way to carry her around?

Camila and I at the Phoenicia's Yummy Wonderland Festival
One of the first things I do before going out is to figure out where the event is taking place and the amount of people expected. When going on long walks or when going out for long periods of time I usually take the stroller but as some of you may have experienced or witnessed, that just isn't the best way to get around. There have been times where I would stand on one spot trying to get by without even budging. And only because you have a baby doesn't mean others will give you a right of way.
Yesterday morning we attended Phoenicia's Yummy wonderland Festival and event though it wasn't jam packed, I would have had to struggle a bit maneuvering around tables, other people and booths. Not only that, but for a family on the move, that's a big no no! Time is valuable and the more time and hassle you can avoid, all the better.

Phoenicia's Yummy Wonderland Festival 
What has worked best for me is an ergobaby carrier . This has to be one of the best gifts we have received to date! You have no idea how much hassle it's saved s and not only that, but Camila can continue sleeping while laying her head on my chest. Keeps her calm and warm as well! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself with one of these, it is definitely worth it. Now, it's not to be used as a fashion statement, obviously, but it makes your daddy rate go through the roof!

Ashley, Camila and I
The breakfast was spot on! It was perfect and even Camila got a taste of it! Camila was loving the food, the people and other babies at the event. She's down with a cold so got fuzzy here and there, but again, the ergo baby carrier made it so much easier. After breakfast and some Pomegranate mimosas we headed over to Green Street, only a block away, and did some shopping at F21 and BCBG. There is some construction going on at the time so there isn't much to see right now.

Santa was there too and Camila had to take a picture!

What are some other things that have worked for you?