As I have mentioned before, Houston's fashion industry is going through a boom and we are starting to see emerging artists from all corners of the city and its surrounding areas. The Art Institute of Houston is by no means an exception to the growth we are experiencing. Nhi "Nancy" Nguyen was in New York to exhibit her work at the New York Fashion Show and to celebrate, the institute hosted a fashion show of their own right here in our city.

There have been some great designers come out of The Art Institute such as Umair Khan of Meru Merus and Jessica Lombana of Lombana. On the night of the fashion show, we were going to see the work of four students who collaborated together, one of the institutes' firsts, and it was amazing. With their work being modern and unique, the fashion show's theme was: Urban. The work was detailed and modern and all the models looked great. Their work also included clothing for men as there was a male model sporting a see through mesh t- shirt.

I wasn't sure what I was to expect that night but I hanged out with students, designers, directors, and professors and had fun interacting with some of Houston's up and coming designers. I managed to find a front row seat and caught some up close pictures. The fashion industry has many interesting people with a lot of potential and events like these are bringing out the talents that lie within them.

The event had a good turnout and I'm sure there will be more to come. Keep an eye out for future events.

Check out the amazing work of these talented individuals.