Most men can recall the time they got their first suit. It was a time where a boy became a man. Or maybe you didn't get your first suit until you graduated collage for your first career job. Whenever it may have been, that suit made you feel like a million bucks. We are now living in a time where fast fashion has dominated the market and anyone can walk in a store and pull a clothing of their choice right off the rack. For those that don't know what fast fashion is; fast fashion is the quick and cheap manufacturing of clothing to keep up with current fashion trends. You could walk into just about any store and pick out a suit but that will never compare or come close to having a custom tailored suit. I believe every man should have a suit but above all, a custom suit. I recently scheduled a custom fitting and want to share with you my experience at BALANI Custom Clothiers. Even as an advocate for Balani, I would have sought them out regardless. 

Before going into details of my first custom suit experience I want to share with you some background about BALANI. Founded in 1961 by Master Tailor Peter Balani with a mission to unwind the uptight image of custom clothing. They are committed to bringing the highest level of customer experience and quality by collaborating with their clients to bring forth a full custom experience. BALANI has been named as "one of the top 6 tailors in the world" by J.W. Marriot Magazine and "best custom suit" by the Chicago Magazine as well as featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, and The Chicago Tribune. A true full custom clothier for today's modern gentleman.

Entering BALANI Custom Clothiers for my fitting appointment

I had the opportunity and pleasure to have met Chris Boehm, President of BALANI, and Adam Leibold, personal stylist at BALANI, at a local networking event. I first heard of them through a good friend of mine, Fred from Mocha Man Style, and being both there, I was directed towards them and scheduled an appointment right then and there. It was all in good time as well. I was in dire need of a tailor and custom clothier and I looked no further. 

My fitting appointment was scheduled on a beautiful Saturday morning and the days leading up to it were full of anxiety and excitement. I just couldn't help it! It was going to be my first custom fitting. That's essential for classy and modern gentlemen. As I walked up to the door, I had to stop for a brief second to regain composure, seriously, just ask Adam when you see him. The ambient was very welcoming and made me feel important the second I stepped in. 

Adam & I 

BALANI Custom Clothiers

BALANI has a well stocked bar but because it was early in the morning opted for some coffee. Adam made sure to make me feel at home and he did a great job at doing so. Frank Sinatra was playing in the background and just heightened the experience and perfect for the occasion. As I waited for coffee, I took the time to take in the moment and browsed around taking a look at the display suits, and the displays. Along these were shoes by Magnanni; handcrafted high quality shoes made in Spain. Beautiful. I love shoes and Adam and I talked about shoes for a few minutes. Loved how he listened and cared on a more personal level. I was feeling like a celebrity and it was only getting better.

Going over the beautiful  Magnanni shoes

Checking out the displays

The coffee was ready, we grabbed a seat and took a couple of minutes getting to know each other. This custom experience was truly and fully based on me and my interests. I felt like I was "The Man". Adam assessed my style and interests and we began to look through what seemed like an endless amount of fabrics and patterns. This is where any man will have fun, I mean, you're choosing what you want your suit to look like and its details. There's no way fast fashion will ever make you feel this way, and made to measure suits aren't really custom and most definitely do not have the options you do with a custom clothier. That part was pretty fun for me. 

Talk about a statement. A suit with crushed black pearls

Had a fun time choosing the fabrics 

Adam went over the components of a suit and where the fabrics I chose would be applied. I learned new things and a few styling tips along with that. 

Impeccable stitching and crafrsmanship

Showcasing some of their work

The best was saved for last, and that was the actual fitting and taking measurements. To give their clients the best custom experience, I was about to under-go 30 different measurements to give me the best fitting suit possible. This is what I was so anxiously waiting for and it was the time to enjoy the moment and appreciate the great detail going into your own custom suit. It's almost mind blowing. At least that's coming from my perspective. There may be some of you that have experienced this or may have a custom clothier but the first time will be ever lasting. 

So there I stood, pondering and coming up with photoshoot ideas. Afterall, I'm going to wait about 5 weeks until I get the suit. Quality takes time, especially custom work. I'm delighted to have found a custom clothier that I can come to for my custom needs. No need to keep looking, that's for sure. If you know someone getting married any time coming up, let them know they have some amazing tuxedo's at BALANI. The next phase will be a fit trial and make final adjustments if needed. Stay tuned as I await my next appointment. 

Make sure you call and ask for Adam Leibold, He will more than surely make you feel like a celebrity in the spotlight. Call to make your appointment!

Adam Leibold
3601 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX 77027

Stay stylish,