We've made it past #noshavenovember and #movember, but what do we do with the beards we've grown? You could go ahead and shave and get it over with, or do what I am doing and see how it turns out over time! Growing a beard is easier for some than it is to others but grooming and taking care of your beard is where the beard really starts to take shape! Facial hair is different from the hair on your scalp so there are different ways and products to take care of each. I came across Lovely Beards and I began to see the difference in hair growth and thickness.

I've been growing my beard on and off for about a year now, but it hasn't been until the last 3 months that I have finally decided to grow it out. For real this time! I, for some unknown reason, thought that growing a beard without using products was going to give me the best results. That changed within the one week I started to use beard oil and beard balm!  Before using these products, I would trim and comb my growing beard and use the same conditioner I showered with on my beard. That was really it. Now, I still do those things but I also apply either the beard oil or the balm daily. I asked my wife, what her thoughts were and if she could see the difference herself and she sais yes! Not only is my beard thicker and fuller, but also healthier. I asked more people that see me often and they also said the same thing. I feel a lot better now that my beard is more full and moisturized.

Lovely Beards is 100% organic and made using natural ingredients. You can get your beard oil in a variety of scents or even unscented. Same goes for the beard balm. Your beard will feel much more moisturized with just one use. I got the mandarin and cedarwood beard oil because  I like the organic and natural smell, but knowing that some people don't like some natural scents, I went with the unscented beard balm. You can grow and have that perfect beard or give these as a gift this holiday season! There is also a discount code below you can use for a discount! If you or someone you know would like to be featured on their Instagram all that is needed is to use the hashtag #LovelyBeards !

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