Texas has many stories to tell and people to remind you of how great the Lone Star State is. But there are also stories that go unnoticed from the many good people that have lived throughout history. A few weeks ago we made a trip to San Antonio to explore some of the places that celebrated the history and Hispanic heritage of the community. Some places were well known to tourists, and others were more like hidden gems. It always amazes me how we come to San Antonio often and just as we start to think we've seen it all, we come across new places and things to see or do. To match the adventure spirit Chevrolet sent over a new 2021 Colorado Bison for us to explore the Alamo City!

Chevrolet has been part of many of our past adventures which you can see here. The drive from Houston was smooth, nothing out of the ordinary. We made a stop at Ashley's Grandma's house and settled in for the night. Over the years this has become our base for all of our adventures in San Antonio. Our adventures would have been different without our impromptu HQ. We looked over the list of places that we wanted to see and planned our all-day itinerary. We planned our breakfast route and went deep into the westside community to try Delicious Tamales, and yes, they were pretty good. We tried the chicken and sweet tamales. Places like these are deeply rooted in the community and part of history and culture. Just a short drive away was the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. It has a really nice mosaic on the street facing side. We stopped to take pictures and didn't get to go inside since it was closed. It is nice to see how people can express themselves through art and show the emotion that some have a hard time expressing. 

Up next on our map was a stop at the Alamo Candy Store. The kids were excited because they had been here once before. There's a great variety of candies and other treats. I think most of the people in San Antonio know about this place. Many come here to get their candies for parties and their piñatas. Alongside the building, there are 2 murals. One that says Welcome to San Antonio and the other is a new Selena mural. Both very nice. It was a hot day so we jumped back in the ZR2 and drove around downtown looking at the Alamo, Riverwalk, Market Square, and La Villita. These are some of the main tourist attractions which we had seen many times before so we didn't spend much time there. But needless to say, these are historic in many ways.

We dropped off the kids back at base for a nap and decided to go explore the other places on our list. We wanted to see the Fiesta Mural which was bright and colorful. Fiesta is a big event where the city comes together and celebrates its culture and history. While grandma watched the kids we decided to take a quick stroll on the Riverwalk and visit the Selena Bridge before heading for dinner. Surprisingly, there were not as many people as I thought there would be and that made moving around much easier. We sat down by a bench near the famous bridge and reflected on the history that has taken pace in the city. It's rich with culture and history and that helps us as parents share with our kids through visuals. 

We made one last dash to see the San Fernando Cathedral in hopes of seeing some street performers or shows but given the current state of events, it was kind of desolate, which was also nice. We stayed here for a few minutes before walking back to the truck. We tried to ride the electric scooters but couldn't find some that were charged so we left that adventure for another day. It was time for dinner, so we drove by La Villita, which was unfortunately closed for the day, on our way to Mi Tierra. La Villita is a nice place to walk and hang out when it isn't too crowded. Mi Tierra has been on our list of places to try and we finally had a chance, and it just happens to have turned into a date night. This place is well known and has been family-owned since its inception. The fajita plate and Sonora Special plates are delicious. 

This was a great way to end the day. There is so much more to learn and see what this city has to offer. The girls loved seeing the many buildings and art murals around town. We really like Chevrolet's motto, Find New Roads, and even though we didn't take the ZR2 Bison off-road, it definitely led us to explore new places and create new adventures. It's great to see the heritage and culture the way San Antonio displays it. We'll be back soon!