This post is sponsored by KeepItAnchored and these are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience.

There are some things that we, as people, happen to hold off until a future time. Hair loss is not one of them. You may say, “But you are young and have all your hair”. Well yes, but also, as mentioned above, I’m taking care of my hair now while I’m ahead. There are different factors that lead to hair loss and the one that is driving me to be proactive are my family genetics. This is why my experience with KeepItAnchored has been great, but also important! 

Hair loss is something we don’t talk much about with my friends since we are young, but once my dad started mentioning to me to take care of my hair, I listened. My dad started losing his hair in his late 20’s and balding around 32 years of age. I just turned 27 so this could start affecting me sooner rather than later. I wanted to strengthen my hair roots and freshen my scalp which led me to start searching online for things like “ How to prevent hair loss “, “shampoo to prevent hair loss”, or “best conditioner to prevent hair loss”. I had no clear answers and no direction since my dad tried many things with no results.

But what are the causes of hair loss? Well, the #1 cause of daily hair loss is environmental stress, also known as oxidative stress. Genetics, ageing, and nutrition are the other factors that we need to consider as well. This stress can come in the form of UV rays, moisture, and pollution, affecting both men and women. It does so by weakening our hair roots so that is why KeepItAnchored aims to calm stress at the scalp while also refreshing it. This leads to a healthier scalp, stronger roots, which is key, and fuller looking hair. I hadn’t noticed much hair loss until I actually started to look for signs. I noticed that I was slowly starting to lose more hair. I analyzed my lifestyle and habits and realized that my stress levels were getting higher, I was not eating as healthy as I could have, and my scalp was pretty dry.

So I went all in with the process and in less than 2 weeks' time I saw and felt my scalp improve. My scalp does feel refreshed and it isn’t dry anymore. I apply the HairAnchoring Essence every day usually after a shower but you could also apply the essence while hair is dry. Simply apply 8-10 drops and massage. The best part is that it doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy or feeling heavy. So what is it that makes these products so great?! Well, antioxidants are key in their HairAnchor blends along with minerals and B-Vitamins. The conditioner is made with a lightweight formula leaving your hair soft while strengthening your hair roots to reduce hair loss due to breakage. And then comes the HairAnchoring Essence which is a concentrated blend of antioxidants, B-Vitamins, and Zinc minerals clinically proven to replenish the scalp.

I never thought I would be excited about hair loss but  KeepItAnchored is key in taking care of the hair I have today and a part of my daily routine. I can recommend this and will be sharing this with my brother and family members so they too can keep the hair they have. The great thing about this all is that you too can join me in preventative hair care and keep the hair you have. KeepItAnchored doesn’t help grow new hair, it helps you keep and strengthen the hair you have which is why I think this is important to get ahead of future hair loss. 

I am sure if my dad had the opportunity to start taking care of his hair at a younger age he would, and that is why I am doing it. As shown in the last picture, my hair is not falling out as much as it was a little over a week ago. I actually saved the hair strands just for the comparison and I’m surprised I didn't lose them! My scalp is not dry anymore and my hair is smooth which is nice. Something else that is important to note is that I am using the KeepItAnchored 3-step Essentials + Hydration Kit for Men  and it has shown results because of it. It’s a great product and I think if you love your hair or simply want to keep it, these hair loss preventative measures will be great for you.

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