Justin Furstenfeld and Don McGill Toyota Give Away Car To Local Houstonian in #DrivingHoustonHome Campaign

Blue October

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a private event where Justin Furstenfeld, the lead man of the band Blue October, was going to perform. One thing we didn't know was that Justin partenered up with Don McGill Toyota to give a local Houston family a brand new car! Apart from the compassion and heartfelt performance, my wife was also a big fan so it was a special moment for us too. Before this event I personally did not know much about Blue October besides a few of their hit songs, but Justin's hometown is Houston, Texas, just like myself and some of you! In this new partnership, Justin plans to keep giving back to the city in the new #drivehoustonhome campaign.

At this private event, Justin mentioned how he was helped when he was at his lowest point in life and now finds himself in a position were he can do the same for others. Towards the end of the event, Justin invited Mike Mynatt, General Manager of Don McGill Toyota, onto the stage to announce how he was going to give back and who was going to be the first to receive a helping hand in this effort. Mike said "We’re wanting to give back to the city of Houston...this partnership with Justin will do that in so many ways.”.

I was moved by all the feelings here and after coming back from a trip where I was giving back to the community, it was like fuel for the fire and drive in me to keep helping those in need through the resources we have. There is something special about helping those in need, it's not only self fulfilling but also gives hope to those who felt that the light at the end of the tunnel would never come soon enough. Jim Cooper was that person. Despite being recently diagnosed with stage four liver and colon cancer, he never let anyone think there was something wrong with him, never late to work or chemotheraphy appointments. With only one car, he and his wife, Lynn, had to get to separate jobs on a car that was failing on them, and in some cases, had to take the Metro system to get around. Even with all of these hardships, Jim always had a positive outlook on things. This is where Justin came in to lend a helping hand and bring change to those circumstances.

Mike called the family up to the stage to share their story and let them know they had something for them when a side door opened to reveal the brand new Corolla from Don McGill Toyota! Everyone gasped and applauded Jim, his family, Justin and the Don Mcgill Toyota Team.  

Jim Cooper and his wife Lynn

Mike Mynatt - General Manager of Don McGill Toyota

This was a memorable experience for us, as well as the other 100 devoted fans that were present to see it all. From the heartfelt and high energy performance by Justin to the tears of joy and relief of a new Corolla, this was an example of compassion at its best. This is just the beginning of a year-long #drivehoustonhome campaign !

See the emotional and inspiring video below!

Don McGill Toyota Houston

Don McGill Toyota Houston

Blue October

Blue October

What are some ways that your city or community could be helped?

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